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Last week’s video will be posted to the Pillai Center Practice YouTube Channel.

Enjoy this week’s audio replay on Soundcloud – go to Pillai Center and choose the Powertime Practice Playlist.


Starting Saturday May 30, Powertime Practice will be moving from Zoom to the Pillai Center Practice YouTube channel, where we will be LIVE! Join the LIVE call at our same time, every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. EDT. Moving to YouTube will allow us to make the video replay available to you the same day of the call.

What is it that Dr. Pillai wants us to be aware of? He is teaching us to pay attention to the planets, stars, and how to use the energy they are offering us. Today is Saturday, the day of Lord Saturn, the one who doles out of karma. Check out Hora Watch on Astroved Panchang to find out what the moon phase is. Saturday is a day to dump a lot of karma. Light a sesame oil lamp with black sesame seeds for Lord Saturn. She advises us to get an astrological reading to find out where Saturn is in your chart and how it will affect your life. The pandemic quarantine has helped us to explore a new karma. Who knows what this will bring? He owns the 10th house and he is in his own house now, where he is very comfortable. The 10th house is the house of careers.

Today we are still in Kubera’s time—the 1st waxing moon—that is the time of money, as Kubera is the banker in heaven. Saturn can help us with our finances on this day. She welcomes us to join the Wealth Activation Workshop Series starting Sunday, May 24 at 12:00 p.m. EDT. Sign up here. Do your spiritual practices everyday so you can be prepared for what karma brings you. Do your Shreem Brzee chanting and you are planting the seeds of “heaven on earth” inside of you. Log on to the Divine who lives inside of each of us.

Mercury will be entering Gemini, his own sign, tomorrow, where he will be very comfortable. Mercury is a planet of intuition and technology, so it’s a time to look at all your technology. Upgrade your software, get up to date with all things to do with communication. Gemini is a business sign, so put multiple streams of income into your mind and take some action. Mercury is all about looking deep. You can find out where you can start a new business with an astrology reading.

Monday and Tuesday are the 4th moon, a time to honor Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles, seen and unseen. You can roll a coconut around your head and shoulders, or a lemon or lime, and then cut it or smash the coconut. Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha!

Wednesday is the 6th moon and is a powertime for Muruga, the brother of Ganesha. He is a warrior god who carries a spear called the vel. The shaft of the vel represents our spine and the head of the vel represents our third eye. Muruga can help with debt, especially credit card debt, as well as being a great healer. Pierce a lemon or lime with his vel to remove karma. We all have to experience our karma, but doing spiritual practices will make it “karma-light.” Om Saravanabava.

8th moon is a good powertime to access the goddesses. They do not want anyone on the earth plane to suffer. Pray to the goddesses Varahi, Angali, and Durga. AstroVed will be starting a nine month program to honor Goddess Durga and pacify the snake planet Rahu.

Dr. Pillai tells us to gaze into a ghee lamp for 9 minutes. This will attract the Divine beings so we can connect with them. Maybe a great idea will come to you. Listen to these ideas, this is your intuition brought to you courtesy of the Divine!



Monday May 25, 03:48 PM til Tuesday May 26, 03:39 PM ET

Ganesha is especially very powerful and present on the 4th and 14th moon phases. Call on him to remove your obstacles by chanting his mantra, Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha. Roll and break a coconut or lime(s) to remove obstacles and karma.


Wednesday May 27, 03:02 PM til Thursday May 28, 01:57 PM ET

The 6th Moon (called Shasti in Sanskrit) is the most appropriate time to win the battle against negativity and evil eyes. This is a peak day for absorbing the energies of Lord Muruga (a divine warrior/healer) and the planet Mars. Muruga specializes in solving problems such as credit card debt, legal issues, health problems, etc. Call on Muruga by chanting Om SaRaVaNaBaVa on this day and by pouring milk/juice/water over a vel.


Friday May 29, 12:25 PM til Saturday May 30, 10:27 AM ET

Kala Bhairava has the ability to dissolve repetitive negative patterns that result in procrastination, lethargy, anxiety, and lack of motivation. Kala Bhairava makes you value your time so you can make the best use of the opportunities at hand and maximize gains. Udyamo Bhairava is a mantra for Timeline Jumping.


Saturday May 30, 2020 5.30 PM (PT)

Hanuman is one of the archetypes of immense power. Hanuman is capable of accomplishing impossible things, and he has manifestations in different places, in different forms. And each one specializes in a particular task.” Dr. Pillai. Connect with Hanuman.


Monday Jun 1, 05:27 AM til Tuesday Jun 2, 02:34 AM ET

Ekadasi is the day when Vishnu’s blessings for wealth and health are abundant. Chant Om Namo Narayanaya for Vishnu or Shreem Brzee for his consort, Lakshmi.


Tuesday Jun 2, 11:35 PM til Wednesday Jun 3, 08:36 PM ET

The 13th Moon phase is called Pradosham, a karma-removing time. 1 1/2 hours before sunset through sunset is the most powerful time to pray to Siva to dissolve your bad karma. Hydrate a sivalinga by pouring water/milk/juice over it as you chant the karma busting mantra, Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral ShivayanamaVisualize blue light in your throat. Roll and break a coconut or lime(s) to remove karma.


If you are interested in scheduling one-to-one Personal Coaching with Sucharita, you are welcome to send a request to: sucharita@pillaicenter.com


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