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4th Moon – Smash Obstacles on the Path to Success

The 4th Moon is a power time for Ganesha; it is the time for obstacle removal and creating a life of success and victory. This is the time when all the Siddhas (inner scientists) and other archetypes seek Ganesha’s assistance.

Seeking Ganesha’s blessings on this day helps you effortlessly surge forward towards never-ending victory in all ventures. The 4th Moon is the time when you can remove all deep-rooted hindrances, obstacles and negativities in finance, relationships and health.

Ganesha – The Son of Siva

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Ganesha means the foremost of the leaders; he is regarded as the first among all archetypes and is probably the closest to human beings than any other archetype, who understands human problems and foresees obstacles.

Ganesha is also known as ‘Vighnaraja’ or the ‘King who knows about obstacles’ and also one who has the ways and means to dissolve them. Ganesha’s grace is sought in the beginning of any venture or project for its obstacle free progress and success; he is the Lord of Beginnings.

He is the patron of arts and sciences and is also the Lord of Intellect and Wisdom. Ganesha is the lord of internal intelligence – known as ‘Siddhi’ and ‘Buddhi’. Buddhi represents discriminatory knowledge; while Siddhi is the knowledge and ability to do things within a short period of time through super normal powers.

On the 4th Moon, invoke the grace of Ganesha and seek his internal intelligence with simple yet powerful rituals that break obstacles to the path of success and abundance.

Break All Obstacles by Smashing Coconuts

Smashing of Coconuts on the 4th Waning Moon is a powerful Divine technology that helps diffuse karma. During the 4th Moon, sacrifice in the form of coconuts is a powerful way to dissolve negativity.

Sacrificing a coconut is equivalent to sacrificing one’s own life for a renewal. Unless the old dies, the new cannot come. Death is necessary for life to come about.

This Divine technology enables you to transfer your karma into the coconut, which acts as a surrogate human being. When the coconut is broken, so is your karma.

* Coconuts energetically absorb your lower vibrations

* Smashing releases the blocks holding back your progress

* Protects you against evil eye and negativity of any kind

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Welcome New Victorious Beginnings with Group Fire Lab for Ganesha

Begin a life of success and victory by bypassing the obstructions that stand in your way. Invoke the gamma rays of Ganesha in this special fire lab and break obstacles in the path of your new initiatives and projects.

As the quantum sounds of Ganesha are chanted by the Vedic Specialists and special offerings made into the fire, a powerful energy vortex is created that can clear the negative energy in your life or projects.

This ritual will be conducted by Vedic Specialists, at Pillai Center India.

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Invite Delay-Free Prosperity with Sound Writing for Ganesha

A dedicated proxy will write this sound 10,008 times for you. This can ground the energy of the sounds and bring the energetic benefits in the desired area of your life.

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