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6th Moon Phase – Beauty, Success and Vitality

The 6th Moon phase is a power time to bring victory, success, vitality in your life. The 6th Waxing moon is the special time window of the month when the power of the archetype Muruga is at its peak. It is especially, a highly promising time for accessing the energy of this archetype for victory and success.

Pave the path for wisdom, power, health, victory, relationship and prosperity in your life. Access the grace and blessings of the archetype Muruga during the 6th Moon, when he can intervene and change your life.

Muruga – Lord of the Pleiades

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Muruga is the son of Siva and Parvati, he was born out of the third eye of Siva, to destroy evil and bring beauty, success and vitality to your life

Muruga is the ruler of the Pleiades and they are the six Krithikas or the six stars of the Pleiades. It is the Krithikas, as six women, who nurtured Muruga in the Saravana – (Forest of Reeds). The six heads of Muruga represent his six attributes. They are: Jnana (wisdom), Vairagya (detachment), Bala (strength), Keerti (fame), Shree (wealth) and Aishwarya (Divine powers).

He embodies the energies of two of the most powerful deities – Siva and Shakti (Goddess). He is Knowledge-incarnate and the Master of Kundalini (coiled serpent power). Muruga caries the Vel or the Divine Spear or lance, his mount is the peacock. The weapons he carries symbolize the purification to all human negativities, ego and ills.

The 6th Moon phase is the power time for Muruga, who brings positivity, success and vitality to all aspects of your life. Invoke the grace of Muruga on the 6th Moon, with simple yet powerful rituals.

Bring Blessings of Vitality: Fire Lab for Muruga

Heal your body, mind and spirit by communicating with the archetype Muruga, whose energy can bring health and vitality and enable you to accomplish your goals confidently.

On the 6th Waxing moon, a special fire lab will be conducted to invoke the blessings of Muruga. The names of the participants will be read out by the Vedic Specialists in the opening prayers, while invoking the gamma rays of the archetype. This fire lab brings you perfect health and vitality.

This ritual will be conducted by Vedic Specialists, at Pillai Center India.

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Win Internal and External Battles Against Negativity: Sound Writing for Muruga

Connect with the archetype Muruga to win all raging internal and external battles against negativity- like freedom from debt, protection from enemies and reduction of ego. Use the technique of writing the sound ‘Om Saravanabava Dattatriya Siva Baba’ to help you with your endeavors. This is the sound for Muruga, who is the archetype that brings in freedom from debts, victory, vitality and success.

A dedicated proxy will write this sound 10,008 times for you. This can ground the energy of the sound and bring the energetic benefits of the quantum sound in your life.

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