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Sudharshana Jayanthi is the day we celebrate the appearance of the supreme weapon of Vishnu, Archetype of Wealth. It occurs on the 10th Waning Moon of the Tamil month of Aadi, which is July 10 IST in 2019.

The weapon is called the Sudharshana Chakra, a discus believed to destroy negative forces that obstruct your growth, health, and prosperity.

Sincere prayers to this mighty weapon are believed to:

  • Heal illness
  • Destroy karma and obstacles
  • Eliminate nightmares
  • Dissolve fears
  • Bring you victory in your endeavors.


Mythology of Vishnu’s Sacred Discus

According to legend, Vishnu prayed to Shiva for a weapon that would protect the universe from the demons. He offered 1,000 lotus flowers to Shiva daily. One day, Shiva played a trick on him and hid one of the 1,000 flowers, leaving Vishnu with only 999 flowers to offer Shiva. Not wanting to skimp on his prayer offerings, Vishnu offered his eyes in place of the one thousandth flower. Impressed, Shiva granted Vishnu his wish and gave him the ultimate weapon.


Fire Prayers for Supreme Protection & Successful Goal-Achievement

Five priests will lead a Fire Lab, Hydration Prayers, and powerspot services in honor of Vishnu’s supreme weapon.  Enjoy the benefits of Vedic proxy (distance) technology.




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