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We are now in the Vedic month of Vashada, which runs from mid-June to mid-July. This month is dedicated to Varahi, the fierce boar-headed Goddess archetype who holds the Staff of Justice.

Varahi is a motherly figure who ferociously protects those who connect with her. You can invoke Goddess Varahi to destroy any dark forces that sabotage your life and obstruct the path to achieving your spiritual, material, or social goals. These can be external or internal enemies.

For the first time, the Pillai Center priests are offering Varahi Prayer Services for nine nights. The nine nights are collectively called Ashada Navaratri.

In India, nightly services begin at 6:00 pm on most nights. That is 5:30 am PDT.


Benefits of Sponsoring 9 Nights of Varahi Prayers

It is believed that the benefits of sponsoring Varahi prayers include:

  • Removal of afflictions in your birth chart
  • Success in legal battles
  • Radiant health
  • Prosperity
  • Fulfillment of earnest desires
  • Defeat of internal and external enemies
  • Destruction of sorrow
  • Courage
  • Relationship harmony
  • Removal of the effects of evil eye
  • Good reputation
  • Rewards for good deeds




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