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“The power of the Brzee sound can activate key areas of the brain, making connections to create more creativity, to move from scarcity to abundance. The Brzee sound is, more specifically, the sound that can activate your financial brain. Connecting with the Brzee Goddess can help you sustain your life, health, physical appearance, beauty, joy, and money.” – Dr. Pillai


The grand opening festivities for Dr. Pillai’s new Brzee Goddess Temple will be on Wednesday, July 3 PDT. It will begin with the consecration of a six-foot tall statue of Goddess Lakshmi, Archetype of Wealth, along with chanting of the Brzee mantra.

According to scriptures, installing and consecrating a statue of a God or Goddess called Prana Prathishta. “Prana” means the life force, and “Prathishta” means consecration.

After the consecration, 10 Vedic priests will perform a Fire Lab and other Prayer Offerings for abundance. You are welcome to join and chant Brzee with the priests and others from around the world. Dr. Pillai teaches that group chanting multiplies the power of the mantra.


List of Brzee Goddess Temple Grand Opening Services

  • Grand Brzee Fire Lab & 100,008 Repetitions of Brzee

You are invited to sponsor this Fire Lab and chant along with the priests. Enjoy the benefits of ancient Vedic proxy (distance) technology, and tune in to the live broadcast of the temple’s grand opening.

  • Grand Jasmine Garland Offering to the Brzee Goddess

It is believed that the offering of a jasmine garland to Lakshmi, Goddess of Brzee, can dissolve poverty consciousness fulfill wishes, and bring prosperity.

  • Lotus Petal Offering to the Brzee Goddess

Scriptures say that Goddess Mahalakshmi’s favorite flower is the lotus, which symbolizes prosperity, fertility, and happiness.

  • Gho Pooja (Cow Prayers) for 3 Cows & Calves

According to scriptures, Lakshmi dwells in cows, and offerings to cows can invoke her blessings.

  • Offerings to 7 Elderly Married Women

It is believed that honoring non-widowed and married elderly women invokes blessings from the Goddess archetypes for the couples and their families.

  • Ongoing Fire Labs on Lakshmi’s Birth Star Days

Anuradha is the birth star of success, and it is believed to be Lakshmi’s birth star. The priests will perform monthly services on Anuradha days to help bring prosperity to those who participate.




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