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I have recently introduced my Ultimate Teachings. Within this program, I will present God-inspired teachings and miracles.

The problem is that, collectively, we have killed the consciousness that can process Angels, Gods and Goddesses.

But we cannot kill Angels. Angels will always exist. Gods and Goddesses will always exist. God will always be there.

We also write on the dollar bill, “In God We Trust.” But now that is a meaningless statement, because we are not in touch with God.

We don’t even know what God is. God and Angels are Beings who are invisible to your eyes, but they are real and always there.

Angelic help is the ultimate help 

Jesus was in touch with Angels. The ministry of Jesus was a miracle ministry. He didn’t talk too much. He didn’t write dissertations. He didn’t present philosophies that are a waste of time, in my opinion.

Also, God’s Angel told Moses, “God is sending me to protect you.” So God told Moses, “Wherever you go my Angel will go, will protect you and will tell you everything before it happens.”

Angels are not only in Christianity, but also in Hinduism.


In Hinduism, there are some particular Gods for specific duties, for example, Ganesha, the elephant-headed God. 

I’ve done a lot of research on Ganesha. In the elephant’s brain there are ‘von Economo neurons’. That’s why elephants know better than we do.

So when I say that God and miracles are back, I mean that in my Ultimate Teaching there will be a combination of both.

In our contemporary world miracles can be explained in terms of science, because matter is no longer considered to be solid matter.

But if matter doesn’t exist, then what is reality? Because only the observer exists, reality is the observer’s reality. 

An ancient technology used by Jesus 

Jesus was able to perform miracles with the help of the Holy Spirit.

This is a very important phenomenon. For example, the Holy Spirit helped Mary to conceive Jesus. 

The Holy Spirit also helped Jesus to resurrect with a golden body. 

So Jesus didn’t want to wait for validation from science. But rather, if somebody wanted to see, he gave sight. If somebody wanted to hear, he gave hearing. He could even raise people from the dead. 

Jesus wasn’t the only one who could perform miracles. In fact, Gods have existed forever.

My vision for the Golden Age 

But miracles must be understood in modern terms. That’s why I include teachings on the midbrain and the infrared rays, because we need to use both technologies: the technologies of Jesus, Vishnu, Siva, Mohammed and the Egyptian Gods, along with modern science.

However, as I was reflecting on this and talking to God about it, God said: “If you talk too much about religion, people won’t believe it. No, no, don’t do that.”

Then God told me: “These things work, and you should say that even Obama carries a statue of Hanuman, the Monkey God.”

Just go to the homepage of Time magazine and type Obama, Hanuman and Mother Mary. Then you’ll see an image of Obama carrying these charms in his hand.

But they are not lucky charms. They are Angels who are going to help you.

God bless,

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