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Metro Retro

Whew, here we go again. When you announce that Mercury is retrograde, you normally hear the tense question: “Again?”

Usually this word comes with a cringing facial expression and is a rather universal reaction. By now everyone knows about Mercury retrogrades and we all (even non astrologers) have an opinion about it. Understandably so.

But what if for once you were able to sail through this retrograde not only unscathed, but also feeling creative, successfully accurate and detachedly content? It’s possible this time around. Read how.

If you have no intention of getting all stressed-out about this Mercury retrograde, here are six ways to be just fine throughout. Seriously. 

1. Placement is everything

Mercury is now in Virgo: his favorite own sign where he becomes exalted—which means Mercury will be operating at full alertness, retrograde or not. Usually details go amiss during retrogrades, but this time you’ll be more analytical and can go over and over your information, speech, email or copy at your best scrutinizing self.

2. It’s all in the details

Mercury in Virgo means the opposite of what happens to a debilitated Mercury in Pisces, where one gets a general sense of the tone and the emotion behind someone’s speech and makes a mental note to donate some money to help with the leaking roof. Although it sounds nice, this is not how you want to use your Mercury.

Mistakes are unlikely when Mercury in Virgo notices the point in another person’s words, goes mentally over what he’ll reply, calculates its cost and types notes at the same time.

3. Avoid restlessness 

Mercury is in the company of Rahu and walking backwards toward this North lunar node. Rahu explodes the qualities of Virgo and makes for a lot of narrow focus.

Strong Mercury in Virgo now becomes even stronger like all retrograde planets. With Rahu, you have a recipe for good work or research, but at a stressful price. The mind doesn’t usually benefit from overtasking and over-scrutiny.

So you’ll need to be diligent with your daily meditation practice or risk exhaustion.

Not a meditator? Time off from media and taking relaxing walks outdoors can be a form of meditation and good for your health, too.Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

4. Spa time

Virgo loves the idea of healing. Going to a day spa to both care for your health and distress can be a rejuvenating experience. When you can, book some special time for a day (or at least a few hours) just for yourself and you’ll feel re-energized.

5. Financial planning

Mercury changes fast, so do markets. Planning all the minute aspects will help you make the best of unpredictable fluctuations. Mercury in Virgo has a financial plan A, a plan B and a plan C, just in case something goes wrong. When you do the same, the unexpected won’t bog you down.

6. Let go and let God

If you’ve been reading these updates for some time, you know what’s coming: Remedies. There is only so much you can calculate and plan. Then it gets to a point where you have to trust a Higher Power.

Divine Beings have always existed and will always be there for you, says Dr. Pillai.

Got infrareds? These rays are the secret behind the effectiveness of fire rituals, which work like a remote control to access Celestial Beings. Specialized fire rituals performed by pure and well-trained Vedic priests are powerful and can solve all problems from Mercury retrograde and more.

Enjoy the energies!

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