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Happy Sunday!

Just wanted to share a few things!

While conducting this Sunday morning’s Fire Lab, I shared with the participants the ways we may best take advantage of the current energies of the New Moon today as it leads to the Full Moon.

This is a great day to start focusing on what we want to create, and see its manifestation within the next 15 days.

In order to help manifest our goals, we should continue to raise our vibrational energy and consciousness.

Today is Sunday, a day we honor the life force energy of the Sun. The Sun represents our consciousness, and what a great time to begin raising our consciousness.

Let us call forth this divine Light of the Sun along with the New Moon energies to dispel the negativity and darkness within us. To help release what no longer serves us so we can feel more joy as we make an effort to manifest our desires.

This upcoming Full Moon occurs during the Sun transiting into Aries (Vedic New Year). At this time, there will also be a Total Lunar Eclipse, and the first of a series of 4 “blood red moons” that we will encounter this year and in 2015. When these lunar events (Blood Moons) occurred in the past, one after the other, there have been significant changes that impacted all of humanity.

Dr. Pillai, along with his lineage of Siddhas have continually urged us to be alert and use time to our advantage. Use the “time shaktis” when their energies best support our desires.

So let’s use this time to raise our vibrations and effect change in our behavior. As we strive to go within, and depend more on our inner knowing, we raise our vibrations.

We currently have a great deal of help and support until the next Full Moon.

As you know, the New Moon time is ideal for honoring our ancestors. So do the tarpanam ritual today, and call forth the blessings of your ancestors. Ask them to help you manifest your goals.

In addition, we also have the help of the Goddess. Tonight begins the first phase of the waxing moon, and marks the first night of the nine nights of the Goddess. We begin by invoking the Divine Mother in the form of Durga to remove negativity, bring healing and joy. Call on the Goddess to help manifest your goals.

Spend each day leading to the Full Moon raising your consciousness by chanting the Gayatri Mantra at least 9 times.

Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha

Tat Savithur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi

Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat

Then shift your focus to the center of your brain. Visualize a flame in your mid-brain, and chant the sounds for manifestation.


Put into the flame what you want to create. Keep using the sound ARA KARA to remove impossibility and doubt from the mind. Let the sounds penetrate the images in your mind.

Then drop the manifestation into your heart, and feel your manifestation in the here and now. Know that it has already manifested. See it, touch it, taste it…become it. Do for at least 20 minutes.

Lastly, connect with Babaji’s energy to help expedite your manifestation by offering ghee light to his image, while chanting his Moola Mantra.



Now, throughout the day, make an effort to not allow doubts to enter your mind as this will lead to negative thoughts and block your manifestation.

The Siddhas tell us that we must be in complete command of our thought’s, our feelings and our actions. Be fully aware of what you are intending to receive. Send it out to the universe constantly. Then we must ALLOW it. We must be open to receive it.

As we raise our vibration and consciousness, this becomes easier, and we also begin to positively affect others around us.

Be at peace and focus on harmony. If being positive all the time is driving you crazy, then focus on harmony. Harmony with others, harmony with your outer circumstances, harmony with your own higher self.

Spend time with people that bring you joy. Engage in activities that bring you joy.

Each time we listen to beautiful, uplifting music, or help a person in need, we contribute to the rising energy of Light, and to the outcome which we all envision. Keep in mind that our individual feelings and thoughts determine the outcome.

Gathering in groups would be ideal because this will amplify your own individual efforts, and also raise the consciousness of the planet.

Let there be Light!

~ Venkatesh

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