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Come and welcome the springtime in with the Nine Nights of the Godess. On Sunday Sucharita gave us three sounds to evoke the energy of the Goddess! Try to start your practice of these sounds each night of the Nine Nights of the Goddess after 9 PM and even better to start from 11:15 to 12:15 PM.

The first three nights, picture fierce Durgha all in red sweeping away deep seated negativities. The next three nights picture beautiful bubbly Lakshmi in light pink pouring liquid gold into your hands. The last three nights, picture peaceful and wise Saraswati in soft white bringing you intelligence and wisdom of the soul. Three nights for each Goddess.

Download Sucharita’s meditation for the sounds for this Spring Navratri.

9 nights of Goddess Webcast : https://www.pillaicenter.com/NavaratriWebcast.aspx

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Navaratri San Diego Fire labs: https://www.sdhopecenter.org/event

MY Free Training Series: https://pillaicenter.leadpages.net/millionaire-yoga-updates/

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Love, Yagna

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