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Spring Navaratri is a special time of spiritual and material renewal when the active, divine feminine helps humanity to shed all forms of negativity within — such as depression, lethargy, procrastination or anger — and without — such as poverty, disease and discord in relationships.

But archetypes and angelic beings must be invoked, accepted and praised in order for us to experience their presence in our lives. That is the main reason why it’s a good idea to know the sounds for bringing these higher beings, their characteristic energies and powers into our lives.

The divine feminine archetypes available during Navaratri are called Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Together these lovely celestial beings can fix all our problems and bring us protection, wealth and higher knowledge, respectively.

How to connect with the archetype of protection — Durga

In the evening, sit quietly with your eyes closed, after taking a shower (optional) and surrender to Durga. Offer red flowers and light a ghee lamp and some incense. Offer some fruit and a cup of water.

Chant: Om Dhoom Durgayei Namaha 27 times.

How to invoke the archetype of wealth — Lakshmi

After sunset, offer some pink or white flowers. If you have a ghee lamp and incense, light them. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and ask for what you need. Recite the following sounds to invoke the Goddess archetype of wealth:

Recite This Sound: Shreem 27 times

After chanting, ask again for what you need. Trust that you will receive. Say thank you. Keep your eyes closed for a few more minutes and then slowly come out of your meditation.

How to receive help from the archetype of divine knowledge and higher education – Saraswati

Sit quietly after offering white flowers, a ghee lamp and incense. Offer some fruit. Ask for help in your studies or spiritual evolution.

Recite Aim 27 times.

After this practice, keep your eyes closed for a few minutes and stay open to any message, vision or new understanding. Usually the Goddess communicates with us when we are in a receptive and calm state.

Happy Navaratri!




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