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April 3rd through 20th

By now, you might have noticed that your communication is facing some glitches and perhaps you are experiencing an unusual lack of clarity. Or maybe, you are allowing your imagination to wander more than usual and this daydreaming is stopping you from writing or preparing a speech. All the above is likely courtesy of Mercury, now transiting its sign of debilitation, Pisces.

What to Expect

In this Jupiter-ruled sign, Mercury loses its meticulous tendency to analyze and organize details and ideas. Even financial deals may seem harder to come around when Mercury is debilitated. The outline of your speech and writing may become blurry and streamlining may be a challenge. Words may pop out seemingly on their own — the main reason is that Mars in Virgo is aspecting Mercury — causing hastiness in your speech.

What to Do

1. Rely on your intuition.

Use your hunches and your gut feelings to tackle your hardest tasks. When we learn how to use it, intuition is a great ally. Logic may fail. But intuition is beyond logic and yet, it turns out to be true every time.

2. Meditate.

We are often under the impression that people who meditate are ‘spacey’ and don’t have their feet on the ground. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, regular meditation improves focus, calms the mind and increases our efficiency at work.

3. Check your appliances.

time-shaktisYour appliances may act up now. But these problems may reveal a longstanding reason for their malfunction, because Mercury is conjunct the Sun and this bright star illuminates any spot of the zodiac where he transits. So, you can now find a permanent solution to malfunctioning machines, phones or tablets.

4. Check Your spelling.

Double check for typos and omissions in your written documents and especially if you are a professional writer. If you can, ask someone else to help you edit your work.

5. Keep a sense of wonder and some humor.

Pisces is the sign of the unconscious and everything related to the subtle planes of existence. Poetry, mysticism and romanticism, spending time alone are all favored in Pisces. So, try to engage in some creative writing or exploring some idea that seems out of this world — and use your imagination. Mercury is also the planet that rules a healthy sense of humor, and this is always a saving grace no matter what is happening in our surroundings.

Enjoy the energies!

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