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After meeting Dr. Pillai, Wayne Dyer, the author of many best-selling books, popular lecturer and talk-show guest, wrote: This beautifully spiritual man from India was one of the most influential people to cross my path.”

Here Dr. Pillai fondly remembers Wayne Dyer and some of the most profound moments with the author.

“Somebody came to me yesterday, May 10, and said: ‘Today is Wayne Dyer’s birthday.’

The “Ah” meditation

“I was inspired. I don’t do anything unless there’s an inner calling to do it. Even the ‘Ah’ meditation that I gave to Wayne Dyer in the ‘90s wasn’t my action. I was forced to do that.

“In those days I didn’t look like this—I had a very long beard, very long hair, like someone who just descended from the Himalayas.

“I was asked to give a talk and a meditation in church in California. I don’t recall the church’s name, but it was a poor church.

“The priest told me: ‘The people here are very poor and I have great respect for Hindu Gurus. Could you teach them a sound or a mantra that will help change their karma, particularly their financial karma? They need to manifest.’

“As somebody was driving me to the church, I was reading a very small book. It was by a great Siddha and accomplished master, who went up to Kailash, the abode of Shiva.

“It was the book of a saint called Nandi. He is often portrayed as a bull. Nandi also told me one little sound for manifesting and how to use it.


“It’s a technique where you raise the energy of the kundalini, the energy from your root chakra, to the third eye chakra.

Then you visualize whatever you want to manifest—a car, or a house, or relationship, or healing. You’ll manifest that.

“After I finished the meditation at the church, I was inspired to send its recording to Wayne Dyer.

“You know Wayne Dyer. He is a celebrity, receives a lot of mail and he doesn’t have the time.

“But he told the story of receiving this audio tape from me in one of his Los Angeles seminars, where he first introduced the ‘Ah’ meditation.

“The audio tape was talking to him, ‘Listen to me, listen to me.’ He didn’t have time, but he picked it up and listened to it while driving his car.

“He was on the highway. ‘I [imagined I] was preparing people for the meditation in that tape: ‘Put your hands on your thighs and imagine that your hands are not going to move.’

“Because Wayne Dyer was in a higher state of consciousness, his soul understood the power of the sounds—the Vaak, as the sounds are called.

“He could not move his hands and he was driving on the highway. Then he collected himself and came back to his human self.

“Then he thought: ‘This has power in it.’ 

“Manifest Your Destiny” was dedicated to Dr. Pillai

“I had told him he could give this meditation to people, which he did in a magnificent way!2

“He took the content of the tape and turned it into a book ‘Manifest Your Destiny.’

“I saw him when he came to dedicate the book to me in Los Angeles. It was a private meeting in Beverly Hills, in the house of this gentleman who followed me at that time.

“Somebody asked Wayne Dyer: ‘Why did Guruji select you?’ And Wayne Dyer said: ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will show up.’ ‘Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Guruji, for being willing to bring this phenomenal teaching to me.’

“Wayne Dyer was a very humble man and I saw him in person a few times times, but we were connected otherwise. 

Miraculous healing 

“Another time I met him in Chicago. He was going through a divorce and we talked about it. We also talked about other things, which I don’t want to share with you because they are very private.

“I gave him some advice. Another time when I felt that he was feeling very bad, I sent him a note: ‘Beyond the clouds, the sun is always shining.’ He understood that the clouds only hide the vision of the sun. 

“When we met sometime later, he said: ‘When I read that, my confusion and sorrow were gone in a second, miraculously.’

“He told me that what attracted him [to the teachings] was something that I had told him about human speech: ‘The less you speak, the more power you will have.’

“He also liked a concept and he expanded it in the book that he dedicated to me, ‘Manifest Your Destiny.’

“The saying is, ‘You cannot manifest that which you cannot conceive.’

“In other words, you have to be able to conceive, you have to become pregnant [with the idea] in order to deliver.

“And how do you become pregnant and able to conceive? It’s by empowering your mind, by delimiting your mind.

“In my own journey, if I had to teach the ‘Ah’ Meditation, it would in a very different way. That’s why I am not interested in writing books.

“Because every day is a new day and new things are coming to me. God bless”

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