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Lack of Resources

For all human beings, whether they live in the United States or whether they live in China, India, or Africa, is one problem. And what’s that problem? That problem is lack of money, lack of resources.  And if you remember when I started talking about that poverty and prosperity are related to the brain. If you are poor, the brain is not working properly.

Well-Educated But Still Poor?

And somebody asked me the other day: “I am poor, but I have a PhD.” And even an MD. A guy told me “I am relatively poor compared to the people who have no education, and are making a lot of money.” I said: “My answer is the same. Your brain is not working properly.” How come? I’m an MD; I am a PhD. That doesn’t matter because this is something very different. And I showed him this picture, this is the God of Wealth in India, I’m showing it closer to you. Look at where his eyes are closed, when the two eyes are closed, then the Third Eye is open, and is the area that starts at the Pituitary Gland and going up. And on this side is this God, and underneath is the Goddess Lakshmi, who’s his wife, who controls all of the money.

What Really Matters When It Comes to Prosperity

So what is important is to open this area, that’s the bottom line, and that is a part of the brain too. So if you can go around, you know, I am just spending all of my time to explain to you about this area as we go along, I will give you more information. So MD, PhD, and what not, really don’t matter. What matters as far as prosperity is concerned: the Midbrain, the Pituitary, and in between there are many areas. I’m going to slowly introduce you to all of those areas and then go to the Pineal, and go to the Top of the Brain.

So that is more important. That is not functioning. That’s why all of your education is not giving you the money that you want. Not only is it about the money, it’s about instantaneous manifestation happening when the Midbrain is open, because the Midbrain does not recognize time.

So I have a program called Time Line Jumping, and I am going to make many of these things available down the road for affordable prices so that this knowledge helps everybody.

Now, the important thing is to open this place, which is the Pituitary Gland, or corresponds to that. They know that the Pituitary is really the Brow Chakra. Alright, it is only a physical correlate of that. And then today, I am going to talk about how to open this, just going right above it, not touching it because then you disturb the energy there. Go round, and round, and round without touching the skin, and then feeling the Muladhara Chakra that’s the Root Chakra. And now touch it and go clockwise.

Meditation Technique

One Round: 1, Feel it.

Don’t take your finger off.

Now go around it, 2.

Go around it, 3.

Feel the energy from the Pituitary Glands in between the two eyebrows, lighting up and the sending light all over the brain.

Now go anti-clockwise. 1,2,3.

Feel the light.

Visualize the light

And then one more time without touching,

Clockwise: 1, 2, 3.

Now go again: Touching it, Clockwise: 1, Feel the energy, Feel it.

Feel it. 2, 3.

Now slowly, slowly come back to yourself and open your eyes.

Now when you go around without touching it, things are happening.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about that.

I’m showing this picture of what comes from a Turmeric powder and the aura around it when it is infused with some sounds. I will talk about it tomorrow.

God Bless.

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