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The Aura is More Important Than the Physical Body

Yesterday I introduced you to not touching the Brow Chakra, the practice, but just go near this Brow Chakra and then go around, and round, and round. It’s because the aura of the Brow Chakra, I call it Brow Chakra because it’s in between the two eyebrows, because the aura is more important than the physical body that emits the aura.

The Aura is Much More Powerful

Now you go here and then disturb the aura, and a good example is to think about the phantom pain. You know, somebody’s leg has been amputated, and he still believes that he has the leg, and then there is pain associated with it. The aura still stays. The aura is much more powerful. There is aura all around the body. You know, just close your eyes and feel the aura. Just do it for a second. Just feel the aura all around the body, and there are layers, and layers, and layers of auras.

Kirlian Photography, Turmeric & Phonemes

So similarly, open your eyes, and similarly there is aura here. Yesterday I showed you the aura coming out of…this is a study that we did with the Kirlian photography, this is Turmeric without sound infused into it, chanted into it. And this is the control with this plain Turmeric, and this is the Turmeric where we have put some phonemes, so it changes. So the aura is more important.

Midbrain Watch Tapping Technique

We are going to do the technique now.

Close your eyes

And then go above, Don’t Touch it, and go around, and round.

A bigger round first, and then it becomes smaller, and smaller, and smaller around

And then Touch

Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap

Feel it.

Keep on feeling it, the whole brain lights up.

Now again, go…  Don’t Touch, but disturb the aura with a bigger circle

1, 2, 3.

The circle becomes slower, and slower, and then Touch

Now we are going to go clockwise touching

Going on around, draw a circle, draw a circle

Feel the Root Chakra as well as the Brow Chakra. They are connected.

Now go anti-clockwise.

Activating the Intuitive Midbrain

When you do this you will be activating the intuitive brain. The Intuitive brain is the primitive brain, which is the Midbrain, and that is the most powerful part of the brain.

If you don’t know how to solve a problem, whether it’s a financial problem, a health problem, a relationship problem on a rational basis, you can solve it through the help of the intuition.

And then you develop intuition through this exercise.

God Bless

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