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Ganesha’s Power Time is here! Learn more about the Science behind Ganesha’s elephant head as Dr. Pillai continues to shed light on this loveable and powerful Archetype…


“Cognitive Dissonance is a technical term in Psychology which means, to put it simply: there is confusion arising out of a situation.

You do not know if this is right, if that is right, or if there is more than one right or wrong.

When you are confused like this, you have to eliminate the wrong and then settle on the right answer or the right perception.

The part of the brain that is involved in doing that activity, within humans is the anterior cingulate, and the neurons are the von Economo Neurons.

As I have mentioned earlier, elephants have von Economo Neurons as well.

Ganesha’s special power to decide the right and wrong comes from having the elephant head, and the elephant head carries the von Economo Neurons.

These neurons are very, very powerful and they are found only in certain evolved animals. Monkeys have that, the dolphins and the whales also. Only mammals have these neurons.

And Ganesha’s brain, the elephant’s brain, has a tremendous amount of these particular neurons that gives him the ability to do that. So, meditation on Ganesha will give you the ability to solve problems.

Because whatever you focus upon, you will become that. ’Yad Bhavam Tat Bhavati’, which means: You become as you think.

If you meditate on Ganesha over, and over, and over again, then you acquire his powers.

If you want to get the power of somebody, then you meditate on that person. You will fill your mind with that person, whoever that is. That is how you acquire power or that personal object you meditate on.

The elephant brain has a bigger hippocampus, associated with memory, than humans. The elephant’s memory is proverbial, and Ganesha’s memory is also the same.

The people who created this mythology are not dumb. They are the most powerful beings and they were able to see the power of animals. Animal-headed beings are not to be ridiculed. You have to really know the meaning.

Thanks to Science, we are able to see Ganesha totally, in a very intelligent light. From now on, children who are growing up should try to understand Ganesha in the Light of Science.

God Bless.”

– Dr. Pillai

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