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Mohini shares photos from the Boca Raton Resort and Club, the Divinely inspired location of this year’s Nine Nights of the Goddess Retreat…

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to share my experience of a newly-discovered Goddess vortex of surreal beauty and rejuvenation.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Boca Raton Resort and Club, the location of our upcoming Goddess Retreat during Navaratri.  It is like a crown jewel of sublime beauty, a tropical paradise, a true retreat of comfort and relaxation, and a vortex of prana and rejuvenation in the many jewels of Florida, which is Shangri-La to me.

As Dr. Pillai teaches, a key principle of manifestation is to passionately, vividly imagine yourself in the midst of your manifestation.  For all of you that feel the call in your heart to join us in entering into profound communion with the Goddess, guided by Dr. Pillai this Navaratri, I’m sharing these photos of me in various lovely locations at the Boca Raton Resort and Club, so you can truly imagine yourself here too!

Goddess Comes to Florida

As you enter the lobby, you are in the midst of light, bright expansive energy where the paradise of nature is mirrored everywhere.


Susan Womack, the Convention Services Manager, will be taking care of all of us as her Boca Raton family.


There are infinite places to relax and enjoy refreshments in the open, airy passages of this elegant resort that is right on the Atlantic Interacoastal Waterway, with a private beach to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean just beyond.

Goddess Comes to Florida


This is the first time I’ve witnessed water of the deepest blue.

Goddess Comes to Florida


It looks like an ocean of jewels.


A vast courtyard featuring a journey into nature vibrating with the Divine Feminine entices you to relax in the embrace of the Goddess


Welcome to the Goddess sanctuary, the private reception/relaxing room of the spa voted as #1 in the world.

Goddess Comes to Florida


The inner sanctum sanctorum is the Ritual Baths. I was instantly intrigued and found a new home.  One sanctum for women, another for men.

Goddess Comes to Florida


Imagine yourself soaking in deep tubs of the most luxurious and enlivening concoctions, soon to be transported into immersion pools with a vast myriad of jets that massage you in every way.

Goddess Comes to Florida


Refreshments in the sanctum sanctorum of the Ritual Baths.

Now you are perfectly relaxed, enlivened, and embraced by the Goddess and ready for a direct confrontation with the Goddess in mystical meditations in the deep of the night.

Imagine and enjoy!!!

Love and Light,


For the first time, Dr. Pillai is celebrating Navaratri in the United States. You are invited to come and experience 5 days of Heaven on Earth where the Goddess will be fully present, and where you can be initiated into her secrets like never before.

Celebrate Navaratri with Dr. Pillai in Boca Raton, Florida, September 25th – 29th

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