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Clear Your Karma And Wake Up On The 13th Moon 


13th Moon


“The 13th Moon is the Moon phase for awakening. Pradosham time is the 13th Moon. Shiva descends onto the Earth plane into the consciousness of people to give them awareness, and why is this? So that you don’t get lost. People easily get lost, everybody gets lost…it is very difficult to keep focus on life and what is important in life. And what is important in life is awakening. Every Pradosham time on the 13th Moon, one and a half hours before the sunset time until the sunset time, is the window time for everyone to wake up.” —Dr. Pillai


Understanding Karma and Pradosham

Dr. Pillai says that karma is your thoughts. The thoughts that you are thinking, the actions that you take. All of your experiences, the things that happen to you in your life. All of these are karma. It does not come from a vacuum. We planted these seeds in another lifetime and decided what we are going to go through. And that is happening in our lives now.  

For better or worse, karma wants to manifest in your life. Clearing karma while it is in a seed form is not difficult, but it requires being alert and focused. A lot of bad karma can be avoided just by staying conscious, but once a strong karma has taken root, then you need more powerful help. It is said that the 13th Moon (Pradosham) has the mystical powers to dissolve your karma.


What is the 13th Moon Pradosham Powertime?

In Vedic Astrology, Pradosham or the 13th Moon phase, is a special powertime to get rid of negative karma. It is the perfect time to dissolve negativity, old habitual patterns, and negative karma that limit your success in your endeavors. During this time the Earth plane receives concentrated energy for the dissolution of stubborn karmic thoughts and negative psychic impressions imprinted in one’s consciousness. With a simple Pradosham ritual provided for you below, the 13th Moon can offer you a new reality and existence. 

According to ancient mytho-therapy, during the primordial times the demons and gods were said to have been churning the ocean of milk to find the elixir of immortality. As the process of churning spanned over the days, various celestial gifts are said to have come out. But a terrible poison was also released out of the ocean threatening to destroy all living beings. Shiva, a supreme being in Hindu mythology, voluntarily drank the poison to save the world. This action turned his throat blue in color. This aspect of Shiva is known as ‘Neela Kanth’. His name is part of a mantra Dr. Pillai recommends that we chant each day, Thiru Neela Kantam. We chant this mantra to have Shiva remove the poison from our lives that prevents us from manifesting the life we desire.


Clear Your Karma With A Simple Pradosham Ritual

Pradosham is a special time window where Shiva’s karma-removal energy is at its peak power. Pradosham rituals are a Vedic technology to help you access Shiva’s transformational energy at the right time, using the right rituals that target his blessings and grace.

Dr. Pillai recommends doing the lime-rolling technique which helps to remove negative karma in our lives. This simple technique is a spiritual surrogate technology where the lime takes on your negative karma and removes it when you cut the lime in half. You can also perform what we call a Hydration Ritual for maximum Karma-busting. This ritual involves pouring water or milk on a statue or shiva lingam that represents Shiva. 


Lime-Rolling Technique

  1. Roll one or more limes over your shoulders, throat, and head while chanting Thiru Neela Kantam. Visualize a blue light in your throat.
  2. Cut each lime in half and ask for your negative Karma to be removed.
  3. Put the cut limes in a plastic bag, seal it, and discard it in the garbage.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly after cutting and throwing away limes.


Hydration Ritual

  1. You can also pour milk or water over a Shiva Lingam (representing Shiva) while chanting his sacred mantras.
  2. While chanting Thiru Neela Kantham, take a cup of water and pour it over the statue of shiva lingam. 
  3. Think of a specific karmic issue that you are struggling with and pour the liquid over the representation of Shiva. You can do this as many times as you wish.
  4. After the hydration ritual, dry the image with a clean cloth or paper towel and then light a candle in front of it. 
  5. Pray for the removal of the stubborn karmic issues that you are struggling with. You can also add a chanting session of Thiru Neela Kantham


Participating in the Pradosham ritual is an opportunity to break free from the negative patterns limiting your soul’s energy. It can give a boost to your inner strength when you can invoke Shiva’s grace to dissolve your stubborn limitations.


Pradosham Remedies To Dissolve Karma

Pradosham remedies can be done daily during the twilight time or during the 13th Moon phase. We have a group of qualified priests to perform Pradosham remedies during the time when transformative energies are at its peak.





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