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Helping other Succeed

Do You Enjoy Helping Other Succeed?

If you take pleasure in helping others succeed, then grab the new opportunity provided by the Pillai Center Academy. Our new program, “Step Into Your Purpose by Becoming a 200% Life Coach” will help you to bring about a positive difference in people’s lives by using the time-tested spiritual technologies.

The Program will begins on May 1. Just click the button to apply. The program is  flexible training to fit your busy schedule. The estimated weekly training time is 3 hours.

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Program Certification

Pillai Center will provide you training, certification and community-support and will help you realize your purpose as a 200% Life Coach utilizing Dr. Pillai’s teachings.

The program will teach you the art of helping others to prosper in their health, wealth, relationships, or spiritual practice.

The 200% Life Coach program

Dr. Pillai has designed the 200% Life Coach in 2022 program to provide you the valuable experience and skills that are necessary to guide others toward a life of freedom and fulfilment.

The program modules will be taught live by experienced coaches selected by Dr. Pillai. When you complete this program you will be able to create success in your own life and bring transformation to others.

The program will turn to be one of the most personally fulfilling experiences for you and the people you coach. It provides you a wonderful opportunity to create a fruitful career and help change the world at the same time.

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 Dr. Pillai’s about the 200% Life Coach Program

“I have given an outline for the course to combine spirituality and business together so that the people who get trained in this program will learn to create wealth for themselves and also help others do the same. God bless.”

“If you have closely examined my teachings right from the beginning, I always insisted on the manifestation of money, even when I was teaching courses on Buddhist techniques of meditation for the University of Pittsburgh informal program. At the end of the course, I would say Buddha’s techniques are great to get quiet and attain Nirvana, emptiness. But they are not helpful to generate money.

So, I started this coaching program, and I am not going to be involved in it, but I am the originator of this course as part of the Pillai Center. I have included [coaches] with business degrees, MBA’s from various universities including Harvard and some who are trained in the Wharton School of Business. So, I am very excited about it.”

“[In this program], there is a combination of spiritual techniques—which I have given to create wealth—combined with teachings to create wealth from examples of successful business people like Richard Branson and others.” — Dr. Pillai

Overall, Dr. Pillai teaches how to develop both knowledge and wisdom. You will learn both spiritual techniques and material principles of success.

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The Core elements of the 200% Life Coach Training

  • Acquire practical life coaching skills
  • Learn spiritual solutions and how to apply them
  • Understand how to combine business and spiritual principles for success
  • Interact with fellow coaches-in-training for peer coaching, discussions, and support


What You Will Receive

By enrolling in this training program you will receive the following.

  1. 200% Life Coach Certification Program
  2. Bi-Monthly Peer Coaching Forums
  3. Your Pillai Center Life Coach Profile
  4. Pillai Center’s Coaching Resource Center
  5. Private Coach Community Membership
  6. Personal Mentoring
  7. Group Mentoring


Curriculum of the 200% Life Coach Program

The 200% Life Coach Program contains of 10 modules that will be taught over 20 weeks. These 10 modules will help you to learn and implement Dr. Pillai’s core teachings successfully, to your own life and incorporate the art of life coaching using Pillai Center’s coaching methodology.

This unique methodology has been built on the experience of over four decades of designing and delivering transformational courses and programs that have created change in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

The 10 Modules

Module 1: Pillai Center Coaching Methodology

  • Introduction to Pillai Center’s Coaching Methodology
  • What makes a great coach?
  • How we create our reality according to Quantum Physics
  • Help clients identify their true aspirations
  • 8 flaws that become obstacles
  • Spiritual tools to overcome obstacles


Module 2: Starting in the Brain

  • Effective questioning and listening as a coach
  • Pillai’s unique coaching model
  • Scientific understanding of Karma and how to change it
  • How the brain is the key to life experiences
  • Help clients change their default thought patterns
  • Stop negative thoughts and delimit the brain
  • What is a Mantra?
  • How are Dr. Pillai’s meditations different?


Module 3: Reaching Quantum Levels

  • Onboard new clients the right way
  • Additional tools to remove Karma
  • Erase Karma at the Soul level
  • Think from the Quantum mind
  • Space-time continuum and destiny
  • Methods to change thoughts, time, and space
  • The science of Soul genetics and methods to deal with bad Ancestral Karma
  • Experiencing fullness and the unified field


Module 4: Clean the Slate

  • Develop coaching skills and understand your role as a coach
  • Advanced Soul Genetics techniques
  • Change the mindset from negative to positive
  • Dissolve old thought patterns that are holding you back
  • Sources of negativity and spiritual techniques to overcome negative realities
  • Low self-esteem and negativity
  • Unconscious body language and speech


Module 5: Start Manifesting

  • How to use the Pillai Center coaching model
  • The power of prayer
  • The rule for manifestation
  • Two techniques for manifesting your goals
  • Overcome conceptual barriers to manifestation
  • Harvard research on the phoneme “AH”
  • Expanding your possibilities with the sound “Ara Kara”


Module 6: Create Prosperity

  • Support clients using spiritual techniques to clear obstacles and limited thoughts
  • Meditations with sounds for manifesting
  • How to change your mindset using Shreem Brzee
  • Shreem Brzee techniques for abundance consciousness


Module 7: Attract Love & Relationships

  • Help clients formulate plans and take action
  • Explore values and beliefs with clients
  • Provide accountability as an effective coach
  • Sounds for attracting love and relationships
  • Develop good social behavior for success
  • Importance of love, friendship, and networking
  • Dealing with loneliness
  • Understanding the role of Ego in relationship issues
  • Building a relationship with God


Module 8: Thrive in Crises

  • Provide practical and spiritual help for clients in distress
  • Be supportive without client dependency
  • Spiritual techniques for distressing times
  • Why do people fail in life?
  • Sounds to deal with depression and negativity


Module 9: Be a Light onto Yourself

  • How to set up a professional coaching practice
  • Techniques for living a 200% life of material and spiritual success
  • How to pray with power and effectiveness
  • The power of connecting with the 5 elements
  • Importance of a personal relationship with God
  • Instructions for the one-minute meditation and sounds for living your light
  • How are light and consciousness linked?
  • Reconnecting to bliss, happiness, and joy
  • How our true nature is light
  • Curriculum reflection


Module 10: Launch Yourself

  • Celebrate with your peers
  • Prepare to launch yourself as a coach
  • Learn about ongoing support and advanced certification options
  • Stay in touch with our private coach community

Come join the program and see the happiness derived by helping others succeed!.

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