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Sri Rama Ashtottaram

Rama is a popular avatar of Lord Maha Vishnu. He is one of the Dasavatar and eighth on the list. Lord Vishnu took this avatar to safeguard the people from the misdeeds of Ravana, the demon king and to showcase the importance of adhering to dharma.

Rama Navami falls on the ninth day of the Shukla Paksha phase of the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar. The festival falls in the Gregorian months of March or April. In 2022, Rama Navami is falling on 10th April.

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Know about Rama

  • Rama’s father, Dasaratha, was Ayodhya Kingdom’s King. He had three wives, Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. Rama was born to Kausalya.
  • Bharata, Lakshman and Shatrughna were the brothers of Rama. While Bharata was the son of Dasaratha and Kaikeyi, Lakshmana and Shatrugna, the twins were born to Sumitra.
  • Sita, the wife of Rama, was the daughter of Janak, the king of the Mithila kingdom.
  • When Rama was about to succeed Dasaratha as the Ayodhya King, Kaikeyi hatched a conspiracy and instructed Rama to spend fourteen years in forests as an ascetic. 
  • Rama left Ayodhya and went to the forests. His wife, Sita, and brother, Lakshman, followed him to the woods.
  • One day, during the absence of Rama and Lakshman, Sita was abducted by Ravana, the demon king of Sri Lanka.
  • Devastated by the loss of his wife, Rama, along with Lakshman, set out in search of her. 
  • They reached Kishkinta, the Vanar (Monkey) kingdom and met Hanuman, a vanara.
  • Hanuman was the prime minister to Sugriva, a Vanara who was ruled Kishkinta before being banished by Bali, his elder brother.
  • Hanuman arranged a meeting between Rama and Sugriva and brought about cooperation between the two.
  • Later, Rama killed Bali and handed over the Kishkinta to Sugriva, who promised to help Rama with his Vanara fleet.
  • Sugriva sent Vanara Senas in all four directions, and Hanuman, too, went in search of Sita towards the South.
  • Hanuman flew to Lanka, found Sita, talked with her, and flew back to Rama and conveyed her message.
  • In the resultant war, the Vanara Sena of Rama and the asura sena of Ravana clashed.
  • Rama killed Ravana at last and released Sita.
  • The fourteen years of Vanavasa condition laid down by Kaikeyi was over, and Rama returned to Ayodhya with Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman and ruled for many more years.
  • The name of Rama itself is very powerful. Chanting ‘Rama’ will absolve from all sins and bestow spiritual and material wealth.

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How is Rama Navami celebrated?

People decorate their house with rangolis and mango leaves and decorate the portrait or idol of Rama. Then, they prepare special neivedhya to offer to Rama.

The devotees also visit nearby Rama temples and participate in the ceremonies and festivities. They also chant the Rama mantra and recite stotras of Rama.

Rama Ashtothram – the 108 names of Rama

The Rama Ashtottara Shatanamavali contains 108 names of Rama. These names praise the quality and virtues of Rama. Therefore, chanting the Rama Ashtothram on Rama Navami will bestow the blessings of Rama upon you.

  1. Om Sri Ramaya Namah
  2. Om Rama-bhadraya Namah
  3. Om Rama-chandraya Namah
  4. Om Shaswathaya Namah
  5. Om Rajeeva lochanaya Namah
  6. Om Srimathe Namah
  7. Om Rajendraya Namah
  8. Om Raghu pungavaya Namah
  9. Om Janaki vallabhaya Namah
  10. Om Jaithraya Namah
  11. Om Jithamitraya Namah
  12. Om Janardhanaya Namah
  13. Om Viswamitra priyaya Namah
  14. Om Daantaaya Namah
  15. Om Sharanatrana tatparaya Namah
  16. Om Vaali pramaadhanaya Namah
  17. Om Vaagminey Namah
  18. Om Satya-vache Namah
  19. Om Satya vikramaya Namah
  20. Om Satya vrathaya Namah
  21. Om Vratha dharaya Namah
  22. Om Sada Hanumad aasritaya Namah
  23. Om Kosaleyaya Namah
  24. Om Khara dwamsiney Namah
  25. Om Viraadha vadha panditaya Namah
  26. Om Vibheeshana paritratre Namah
  27. Om Hara Kodanda khandhanaya Namah
  28. Om Sapthatala bhetrey Namah
  29. Om Dasagreeva siroharaya Namah
  30. Om Jamadagnya mahadarpa Namah
  31. Om Dasanaaya Namah
  32. Om Thatakanthakaya Namah
  33. Om Vedanta saaraya Namah
  34. Om Vedatmaney Namah
  35. Om Bhavarogasya bheshajaya Namah
  36. Om Dushanatri sirohantrey Namah
  37. Om Trimurthaye Namah
  38. Om Trigunatmakaya Namah
  39. Om Trivikramaya Namah
  40. Om Trilokatmane Namah
  41. Om Punya charithra keerthanaya Namah
  42. Om Triloka rakshakaya Namah
  43. Om Dhanviney Namah
  44. Om Dandakarunya varthanaya Namah
  45. Om Ahalya shapa samanaaya Namah
  46. Om Pitru bhakthaya Namah
  47. Om Varapradaya Namah
  48. Om Jithendriyaya Namah
  49. Om Jithakrodaya Namah
  50. Om Jithaa mitraya Namah
  51. Om Jagadguravey Namah
  52. Om Ruksha Vanara sanghativey Namah
  53. Om Chitrakuta samusrayaya Namah
  54. Om Jayanthatrana varadaya Namah
  55. Om Sumitra putra sevithaya Namah
  56. Om Sarva Devadhi Devaya Namah
  57. Om Mrutha Vanara jeevanaya Namah
  58. Om Maya Mareecha handrey Namah
  59. Om Mahadevaya Namah
  60. Om Maha bhujaya Namah
  61. Om Sarva Deva stutyaya Namah
  62. Om Saumyaya Namah
  63. Om Brahmanyaya Namah
  64. Om Muni samsthuthaya Namah
  65. Om Maha Yoginey Namah
  66. Om Mahodayaya Namah
  67. Om Sugreevepsitha Rajyadaaya Namah
  68. Om Sarva punyadhika phalaya Namah
  69. Om Smrutha sarvashu nasanaya Namah
  70. Om Adipurushaya Namah
  71. Om Parama Purushaya Namah
  72. Om Maha Purushaya Namah
  73. Om Punyodayaya Namah
  74. Om Dayaasaraya Namah
  75. Om Purana purushottamaya Namah
  76. Om Smitha vaktraya Namah
  77. Om Mitha bhashiney Namah
  78. Om Purva bhashiney Namah
  79. Om Raghavaya Namah
  80. Om Anantha Guna gambheeraya Namah
  81. Om Dheerodattha Gunottamaya Namah
  82. Om Maya Manusha charitraya Namah
  83. Om Mahadevadhi pujithaya Namah
  84. Om Sethukruthey Namah
  85. Om Jitha vaaraasaye Namah
  86. Om Sarva teerthamayaya Namah
  87. Om Haraye Namah
  88. Om Shyamangaya Namah
  89. Om Sundaraya Namah
  90. Om Shuraya Namah
  91. Om Peetha vaasane Namah
  92. Om Dhanurdharaya Namah
  93. Om Sarva Yagnadhipaya Namah
  94. Om Yajviney Namah
  95. Om Jaraamarana varjithaya Namah
  96. Om Vibheeshana prathisthatri Namah
  97. Om Sarvavaguna varjithaya Namah
  98. Om Paramathminey Namah
  99. Om Parasmai Namah
  100. Om Brahmaney Namah
  101. Om Sacchidananda vigrahaya Namah
  102. Om Parasmai jyothishey Namah
  103. Om Parasmai dhamney Namah
  104. Om Paraakasaya Namah
  105. Om Paratparaya Namah
  106. Om Pareshaya Namah
  107. Om Paaragaya Namah
  108. Om Sarva Devatmakaya Namah
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