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Significance of Chitra Pournami

What is Chitra Pournami

Chitra Pournami is the full moon day falling on Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar. It is a vital power time, and the day is believed to be very auspicious. The day is ideal for offering worship to Chitra Gupta, the official bookkeeper of Yama, the death god. It is thought that Chitra Gupta was born on this day.

Chitra Pournami is also ideal to worship and offer prayers to Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Special rituals and ceremonies are arranged at the temples, and people observe fast and prepare special prasad to the gods.

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Know about Chitra Gupta

Lord Brahma, the creator, created Chitra Gupta to assist Yama, the God of death. He was born on a Chitra Pournami day. Chitragupta keeps an account of the good and bad deeds of every individual. When a person passes away, their soul reaches the ‘Yamalokha,’ the abode of Yama, and will wait for his turn to be judged by Yama.

During the judgment day, Chitragupta reads out the good and bad deeds an individual performed while being alive. If the evil deeds outweigh good ones, Yama punishes the soul by putting it in the ‘Narakalokha’ (Hell), and if good deeds outweigh bad ones, the soul will go to heaven.

The Message of Chitra Pournami 

Chitra Pournami stresses that an individual’s good deeds and evil deeds are recorded and would be rewarded accordingly. One must understand that our acts do not just have consequences during our life on earth, but they impact even after death.

Chitra Pournami is a perfect opportunity to banish sins by performing rituals and offering prayers.

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Chitra Pournami Puja Rituals

  • Chitra Pournami Pooja has to be observed during the late evening or early night when the Full Moon is in its full bloom.
  • It is common to fast on this day, and this fast is known as ‘Chitragupta Nombu’ or the ‘Chitragupta Vrata.’ The devotees have to observe fast during the daytime of Chitra Pournami.
  • Male or female family members can perform Chitra Pournami pooja.
  • On this day, the interior and exterior parts of the house are cleaned and decorated.
  • A maakolam (drawing with rice powder) of Chitragupta carrying paper and pen or a padi kolam is outlined in the entrance.
  • Place the paper, pencil, Navadhanyam (nine different grains), Chitrannam (variety rice), and dhal ready in the pooja room.
  • Pray to Chitragupta to protect you from committing evil deeds and apologize to him for the evil acts indulged till now.
  • Chitragupta Pooja books are available in the book shops, and you can chant the slokas given in those books.

Chitra Pournami Vrata (Fasting) Rules

  • As Chitra Gupta emerged from Kamadhenu, the Divine Cow, devotees should avoid consuming cow’s milk and milk products.
  • Once the Chitra Gupta pooja is over, donate rice and vegetables and give Dakshina or alms to Brahmins in a Muram, a bamboo sieve.
  • It is customary for devotees to consume saltless curd rice or survive the day without food.

Chitranna and its varieties

Chitranna preparation is the specialty of Chitra Pournami. The devotees fasting on this day pray to the Moon and Chitragupta and offer Chitranna as Naivedhya. Then, when the pooja is over, they break their fast by eating the Chitranna as prasad.

Different types of Chitranna are prepared on the auspicious day of Chitra Pournami. Some popular varieties of Chitrannam are

  • Tamarind Rice
  • Coconut Rice
  • Curd Rice
  • Lemon Rice
  • Mango Rice
  • Coriander Rice
  • Ven Pongal
  • Sakkarai Pongal (Rice mixed with Jaggery)

The Chitragupta Mantra

On Chitra Pournami, it is ideal for chanting the below mantra to receive Chitra Gupta’s blessings.

Mashibhajansanyuktaschrasi Twang! Maheetale|

Lekhani-Katinihasta Chitragupta Namostute ||

Chitragupta Namstubhyam Lekhakaksharadayakam |

Kayasthajatimasadya Chitragupta! Namostute ||

Chitragupta temples

Temples for Chitragupta are very rare. Temples for him are found in the following locations.

  1. Chitra Gupta temple at Kanchipuram
  2. Chitragupta shrine inside the Thirukodikaval Thirukoteeswarar Powerspot en route to Kumbakonam.
  3. Chitra Gupta image in Goddess Sivakami Temple, Chidambaram.

Chitra Pournami Benefits

The festival of Chitra Pournami is an opportunity to realize that a greater power watches our deeds. It reminds us to avoid committing evil acts, follow the path of truth, and perform good deeds. It is a day to cleanse our sins through expiation and sincere prayers. It is believed that one’s urge and willingness to cleanse Karmas can take the person closer to God. The effects of observing the Chitra Pournami festival bring in a sincere effort to liberate oneself from the clutches of negative energies.

Chitra Pournami 2022 Date:

According to the Hindu Calendar, Chitra Pournami falls on the 16th of April this year. So invoke Lord Chitra Gupta on this day and protect yourself from misdeeds and bad karma.

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