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It is believed that our karmic deeds can be erased by Chitragupta, lieutenant of Yama, when we seek his blessings on the Chitra Purnima Full Moon day.


Chitra Gupta can erase your karmic deeds


In Vedic tradition, the first Full Moon of the Tamil New Year is the auspicious day of ‘Chitra Purnima’ or ‘Chitra Pournami.’ Primarily, this day is dedicated to Chitragupta, lieutenant of the God of justice, Yama. It is believed that our karmic deeds can be erased by Chitragupta by seeking his blessings on this day.

We call it ‘Chitra Poornima’ or ‘Chitra Pournami’ as Purnima or Pournami (in Tamil) is the Full Moon Day and it comes in the month of ‘Chaitra’ or ‘Chithirai (in Tamil).’  Let us take a look at it in detail.


Who is Chitragupta?

Chitragupta is a demigod and the divine accountant or bookkeeper who maintains our good and bad karmic deeds as a lieutenant of the God of Justice and dharma, Yama. Every individual’s record is maintained in a personal logbook of the heavenly database known as “Akashic Records.’

In Vedic tradition, it is believed that Chitragupta will judge every individual based on the good and bad karmic deeds done by them and declares them as a good or bad soul after their death. Also, it is based on Chitragupta’s account that a person is rewarded or punished after his/her death by Yama.


Chitra Pournami Significance in Erasing Karmic Deeds

Chitra Purnima is an auspicious day to access the divine blessings of the demigod, Chitragupta. This day, being the birthday of Chitragupta, brings us the positive energy or the divine blessings from him. 

You can pray Chitragupta on Chitra Purnima to gain his grace and erase all our karmic deeds and records and start a new life in the path of dharma or righteousness.

There is a psychological effect associated with Chitra Purnima. It is believed that Chitragupta, the divine power, constantly watches over our activities on this earth. This belief lets every person think about their karma on the day of Chitra Purnima every year, thereby helping them become engaged in good karmic deeds and constantly follow the path of dharma or righteousness in their life.


Benefits You Can Expect Celebrating Chitra Purnima 

Chitra Purnima is one of the best days to make new beginnings in life and make your life shine. By invoking the blessings of Chitragupta on his birthday, you can gain the following benefits:

  • Receive Chitragupta’s grace to erase all sins committed knowingly or unknowingly
  • Increase your good karma by helping the needy and poor on Chitra Purnima
  • Overcome your fear of death and negativity
  • Experience positive energy showered on you 

Once you erase your bad karmic deeds and enter into the path of righteousness, you can feel that you have immersed yourself into total peace.


Use the Day of Grace, Chitra Purnima, to Maintain Good Karma!

“Chitragupta is the lieutenant of the God of justice, dharma. Chitragupta, this demi-god himself, doesn’t have too many temples. His function is to keep the record of every individual, in the Akashic Records wherein he maintains the good and the bad karmic deeds that every individual has done in one’s lifetime.” – Dr. Pillai

Invoking Chitragupta on the day of Chitra Purnima via the sacred Fire Lab ritual and performing special poojas at the powerspots of Chitragupta can help in bringing the grace of the demigod Chitragupta to you and making your life prosperous. The rituals and ceremonies include:

  • Sacred Fire Labs (Homas) and special poojas to invoke the divine blessings of Chitragupta to remove all your known and unknown karmic deeds 
  • Heartfelt prayers and resolutions taken on not to commit sins and to adhere to the path of righteousness. This will please Chitragupta and help you in gaining his divine shower of blessings
  • Chanting Mrityu Suktam on Chitra Purnima to help you overcome all the obstacles in your life. It can also help in overcoming the fear of death and negativity if it exists in you
  • Helping the poor and needy with food on Chitra Purnima to feel the positive energy
  • Performing Sathyanarayana pooja on the birthday of Chitragupta for a prosperous life


For more details, visit this page.


In conclusion, Chitra Purnima is a way to dissolve all your karmic deeds and enter into a path of righteousness in your life.

It is a belief in Vedic tradition that those who do not attain a balance in their karmas will have to undergo re-birth and will not be able to attain Moksha (enlightenment). So, Chitra Purnima would be an opportunity to trust in the divinity of Chitragupta to erase your karmic deeds.

Are you interested in erasing all your karmic deeds and making new beginnings in life in the path of dharma or righteousness on the day of Chaitra Purnima?  Then, visit us at https://www.pillaicenter.com/specials/chitra-poornima.


Chitra Purnima Wishes!


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