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Chitragupta is the Divine Scribe of Yama, the God of Death. Learn the secret to edit your Akashic Records on the special Full Moon called Chitra Purnima.


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The Secret to Edit Your Akashic Records

The Divine Incarnation of the Creator God


Chitragupta is the Divine Scribe of Yama, the God of death. He is considered to be extremely important to all living beings, as it is Chitragupta who is responsible for recording our thoughts, feelings, and actions which Yama uses to decide our fate. These recordings are called the Akashic Records.


Chitragupta: A Supreme Divine Identity

In the beginning, recording and judging all the beings in the Akashic Records fell to Yama. However, overwhelmed, he was said to have made some mistakes in recording and as a result, chaos ensued. He pleaded with Brahma, the Creator God of the Holy Trinity, for help.

It was said that it took Brahma 11,000 years of deep meditation, after which Chitragupta emerged. Besides his role as Akashic Records keeper, Chitragupta is considered to be very special, and it has to do with how he was born.

Prior to his birth, Brahma was said to have conceived of 16 manasputras, or mind-born sons. In the case of Chitragupta, he is considered to be the 17th mind-born son of Brahma. That he is powerful and the most important of the manasaputras can be seen from this number 17. In numerology, 17 can be reduced to the number 8 by adding 1 + 7. The number 8 is considered to be the most powerful number of all the numbers. For example, of all the planets, Saturn is considered to be the most powerful. Of all the incarnations of Vishnu, Krishna is said to be supreme. Both Saturn and Krishna represent the number 8 in numerology. Hence, Chitragupta, who also represents 8, is regarded as a supreme Divine identity.

Each of Chitragupta’s brothers are said to have been born from different body parts of Brahma. However, Chitragupta is said to have been born from Brahma’s complete body, mind, and soul. Thus, he is called Kayastha. Kayastha means he was created from the entirety of Brahma’s body instead of an individual part. As such, he is considered to be a full incarnation of Brahma himself. 


The Blessings of Chitragupta Explained

Chitragupta’s primary role is a record keeper of karma in the Akashic Records, and as such, by receiving his grace it is believed your Akashic Records can be changed. According to scriptures, the King of the Gods, Indra, once received ill fate by disobeying his Guru. He was advised to perform a special pilgrimage on the earth plane to repent. At one moment during the pilgrimage, Indra suddenly felt relieved of his sins. The day happened to be Chitra Purnima, the birthday of Chitragupta. The story teaches of the power of Chitragupta.

Chitragupta is also considered to be a presiding deity of Ketu. By worshipping him, it is said one can be relieved from Ketu’s ill effects. Ketu is associated with our past karma and liberation.   


The Significance of Chitra Purnima

The Spiritual New Year is considered to be the true New Year because it is dictated by the Sun. When the Sun moves into the natural first house of the zodiac, it is considered to be the Spiritual New Year, also known as the Vedic or Tamil New Year.

During this time, due to the Sun’s positioning, it is believed that new creations are supported. But in order to create new, first, you have to clear out the old. That is where Chitra Poornima comes in to clear your Akashic Records. 

Chitra Purnima is the first Full Moon of the Spiritual New Year, which alone is highly significant. It is also the day on which Chitragupta was born. The specialty of this Full Moon is that it is when Chitragupta can be appeased to change your Akashic Records. Thus, mystics, seekers, and those in the know look forward to this time when they can change their destiny and manifest a new creation. 


Change Your Akashic Records

Pillai Center has commissioned special ceremonies targeted to appease Chitragupta on behalf of sponsors during his birthday. Click the button below to learn more and gain the opportunity to receive a new destiny on this once-a-year Full Moon powertime.




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