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Enjoy this week’s audio clips on Soundcloud in the Powertime Practice Playlist

We need volunteers to  edit video clips after the call on Saturdays and post them to the Pillai Center Practice YouTube Channel (Powertime Practice Playlist).  If you would like to experience the blessings of doing selfless service, please email us at powertimepractice@pillaicenter.com.

Tonight and tomorrow are a powerful vortex that will enable you to change your karma. On this 13th waning moon, karma – thoughts, entrenched patterns, heart sorrow, etc. —  becomes more liquid and easier to cleanse.

Invoke Lord Siva with his karma busting mantra Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Shivayanama. Pour milk/water/juice over a sivalinga as you chant and visualize the blue light in your throat. Roll and cut a lime, or break a coconut.

This week – be careful of July 1 and 2 as potentially destructive conditions may develop in the world. Dr Pillai advises praying to Siva and Kali. Watch Dr Pillai’s video. You can also sponsor protection rituals.

On July 3rd Dr Pillai will inaugurate the NEW Brzee Temple in India! Sponsor the temple and enjoy the prosperity blessings!

July 5th is Ganesha’s power day, so break a coconut or cut a lime to remove obstacles “in the name of Ganesha”. Pray to Ganesha with his mantra, Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha.

Get ready for Guru Purnima, the full moon when all spiritual teachers rain blessings on the earth plane on July 15th. Join Dr Pillai online or live for 1 or 3 day retreat. You can sponsor rituals in India too. Dr Pillai invites everyone to join LIVE for FREE for the most important hour. Watch Dr Pillai’s June 29th webcast replay to learn more.


If you are interested in scheduling one-to-one Personal Coaching with Sucharita, you are welcome to send a request to: sucharita@pillaicenter.com

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