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Dissolve Blocks to Sacred Relationships with Spiritual Technology

Pillai Center teacher Mohini, and Dr. Pillai, share teachings on manifesting Heaven on Earth relationships in the emerging Golden Age. They teach how to create the inner conditions that allow sacred relationships to occur. Watch the webinar above or read the synopsis below.

A New Relationship Paradigm Has Arrived

This is an entirely new time in the world for relationships. The old relationship paradigm is now in the past. The new paradigm is what Mohini calls Heaven on Earth. It’s becoming easier for us to love unconditionally, like God.

There is so much to learn from relationships, whether they’re heavenly or difficult. Romantic relationships, and relationships of all types, are very important for our growth. They bring us lessons. They bring us toward becoming pure love, as love is the essence of life.

People often speak about relationships in terms of past wounds that have created negative belief systems. This just creates a cycle that leads you to experience the same pain again and again. You become what you think.

Intend a Sacred Relationship that Supports Your Spiritual Evolution

Mohini manifested a fulfilling relationship using Dr. Pillai’s teachings. If you set the intent of manifesting one based on spiritual principles in this emerging Golden Age, you will receive divine support.

Set the intent that your desired relationship will support your evolution. It’s important to commit, within your heart, that God and spiritual evolution come first in your life over everything else. There’s a reason you chose to take birth in these times. Ultimately, it’s to help co-create Heaven on Earth. Make sure your manifestations align with this purpose.

Intend Synergy, Even if Your Missions are Different

When manifesting, also intend synergy in the relationship. You can accomplish more together than separately, even if you have two separate missions in the world.

Imagine the joy of this type of relationship already happening. Feel it. Believe it is possible. Visualize it, and truly feel it, every day.

Free Your Mind from Relationship Wounds

Let go of resentments from past relationships and embrace the new. Kali Yuga was the age of sorrow and suffering. Remember you’re entering a new era, the Golden Age.

Some wounds persist and are hard to let go of. Mohini recommends using the Grace Light Mantra.

See Yourself & Others as Newly Created in Every Moment

Make a commitment to see yourself as new, and everyone around you as new, even if they harmed you. See them as embodiments of unconditional love. Dr. Pillai says people will respond to you in a whole new way if you stay in the moment when interacting with them and thinking about them.

Use the Grace Light Mantra to Heal Heartache & Karma

When we bring this light into ourselves, it leads to realizing ourselves as God, with his infinite love. The Grace Light has a tendency to eradicate all heartache and pain. People have reported that they were freed, and then able to have new types of relationships. Years-long family struggles disappeared as well.


Arul Perum Jyoti

(pr. AH-rool pay-ROOM JOH-tee)

Use Shiva’s Karma-Busting Mantra to Heal Relationship Pain

You can literally take one minute a day to create a ritual with the following sounds and experience profound results.

Karma-busting mantra:

Thiru Neela Kantam

(pr. TEE-roo NEE-lah KAHN-tahm)

Every moment is new if you’re free from karma.

A simple example of a ritual that works: Roll a line over your body and chop it while repeating the mantra. You can also roll flower petals, or whole flowers, around your head and body and let them absorb the karmic thought impressions. Then crush them and throw them away.

When repeating the mantra, always visualize a blue light in the throat. It symbolizes the throat of Shiva, when he saved the world from snake venom in the milky ocean. The venom symbolizes karma.

Dissolve Relationship Karma Every Day

Do something for relationship karma every day, because it’s often the most powerful karma you have. It creates recurring, painful scenarios.

Our Vedic priests will be performing ceremonies to dissolve your relationship karma. It’s a yearlong program, and you can also choose the 3-month or 6-month version.  Learn more.

Dr. Pillai on the Nuances of the 200% Life

Dr. Pillai entered during minute 26 in the video.

He often teaches about living a 100% material and 100% spiritual life, which adds to 200%. Now he’s working on a 200% spiritual life.

He has warned against this, because it can lead to not knowing how to work with physical reality and cause depression and other imbalances. It can also lead to avoidance of many important aspects of life.

Many people get torn between the material and spiritual life and feel like they have to choose one. Work and obligations may make some too busy to meditate. Others may be disillusioned with the “real world” and go in a monastic direction.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna (representing the devotee) told Krishna (representing God) that going to war would make him lose his inner peace. Krishna recommended entering the battlefield and suggested there was no conflict between that and remaining anchored in Spirit.

Resolving the Material/Spiritual Dilemma

In fact, there is no life without activity. You can’t run away from life, even in pursuit of holiness.

How do you reconcile the dichotomy? Your soul knows what to do. Krishna was Arjuna’s soul in a sense. The Buddha’s renunciation was a decision his soul made, so he chose asceticism.

If you choose the wrong path, your soul will let you know it. You may even go back and forth between the two before you realize your path. It’ll likely be a combination of the two directions. It’s the moderate and safe path.

Most people live the 400% material life, which is why Dr. Pillai usually teaches the moderate path. It’s not for everyone at any given time.

If you end up mostly in the material side of things and become dissatisfied, and you can’t seem to manifest what you want, it may be time to gravitate to the spiritual side. Dr. Pillai’s students have come to him and said none of the manifestation teachings worked for them. Again, more time with God may help.

Creating a Heaven on Earth Army to Heal All Relationships Globally

We should create an army of meditators, an army of peace funded by the government much like the military. Dr. Pillai says, “That’s the best defense system. If I had the power to control world politics, I would do that tomorrow.” There are plenty of people willing to do it, and it could reduce the burden on the actual military.

He described this army as a major step toward Heaven on Earth.

Dissolve Blocks to Sacred Relationships with Spiritual Technology

Our expert Vedic priests are performing a number of ceremonies that could help you dissolve your blocks to fulfilling relationships using ancient proxy (distance) technology. Enjoy the benefits from anywhere in the world. There are multiple packages available to suit your budget, including a full year of ceremonies.


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