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Learn About Dr. Pillai’s July San Diego & Online Retreat + Initiations  

Dr. Pillai shares the central teachings he will reveal during the Guru Purnima (Full Moon of the Guru) retreat on July 26th – 28th. Below is a summary of key points.

How Can Humanity Get Rid of Suffering?

The Messiahs, Avatars, and Messengers of God have done great things, but there’s still so much suffering. Most is due to money problems.

With money comes freedom. Dr Pillai suggested to a suffering person to go on a trip in his private jet to change environments for a while. It worked. The jet gave him the freedom to find a solution that others couldn’t afford.


You Are as Powerful as God, but Most Don’t Use That Power

Jesus fed the poor and healed the sick, and he gave his followers the Holy Spirit, or Holy Breath. This is the source of miracles. Only certain sects, like the Pentacostals, even take him up on this offer. It’s the overlooked spiritual solution to all human problems.

This Holy Spirit is the human spirit because humans are as powerful as God. He created us in his own image. For all practical purposes, you can relate with God and the Holy Spirit in a human-like form.

We live mainly in Neocortex consciousness, and that inhibits our ability to work with God and experience miracles. To achieve goals, people often rely on externals, plans, and the mind. They don’t work with God. They work with the ego. It can take a long time to learn a better way.


Use Both the Ego & God in One Package

Dr. Pillai said, “You have to have a holistic approach, which includes God. Your ego cannot be gotten rid of. You have to use science. You have to somehow use the old teachings. All of them have to be combined into one package.”

As Einstein said, religion starts where science ends. Science is in the realm of the mind, the Neocortex. Religion is in the Midbrain. Use it all.


Speak Your Goals as God Spoke the World into Being

We have thought forms, which are unmanifest. Then we have expressions of these thought forms. They are speech forms. Stand in front of a mirror and speak what you want to manifest.

Don’t just keep your ideas inside. Be courageous and say what you want to accomplish. You may fail sometimes, but that’s OK. Talk to the mirror. Talk to your friends and family. Manifestation begins with speaking it out. That’s how the Bible characterized God’s creation of the world. He didn’t just think. He spoke.

Oral Roberts, without money, created a university this way.

The Divine Mind is the mind that, like an infrared light, manifests quickly. God’s mind is within us.


Keep Speaking Your Goals Without Fear of Failure & Chant Shreem Brzee

Keep talking. Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be ashamed if you told everyone you would have a million dollars by now, and they’re laughing at you. Keep talking.

This will be one of the main themes of the upcoming Guru Purnima (Full Moon of the Guru) retreat in San Diego and online.

The other teaching is, keep on saying Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee. It’s the ultimate wealth mantra that dissolves poverty consciousness and attracts wealth.


We Must Create a New World Without Suffering

Many civilizations have come and gone. Some had technology as advanced as ours, or more so. We need to emphasize creating a new civilization without all the suffering.

Government may give food stamps and medical coverage to the poor, but that’s not enough. It should invest in developing the consciousness of the people.

Governments should provide training in Phonemic Intelligence, which enhances the intellect and compassion through sounds. This invention of Dr. Pillai starts with speaking, and our new civilization should start with speaking.

Gandhi accomplished great things without money. He did so with consciousness. People had faith that he could drive the British out of India, and they supported him on a material level.

Hitler was a poor man who gained a lot of power by speaking to crowds.


Access the God & Goddess Archetypes

There is a God or Goddess for everything, and we need to access these archetypes. One rules over money, another intellect, another arts, another health, etc. They are called Devas (‘Shiny Beings’) in Sanskrit.


Recap of Central Teachings for Guru Purnima

Speak your mind and goals. Believe in the Devas. Take this course/retreat on Guru Purnima.


Important Guru Purnima Retreat Info: July 26th – 28th 2018

The three days of initiations, empowerments, and new teachings happen on July 26th – 28th. The original 7-day event has been canceled. You can join in San Diego or via livestream, for one or three days. This is the only live event he’s committed to this year, and it could be the only one that happens the rest of the year.

Early bird specials end on July 1st. Until then, you can save $250 in-person or $200 if you attend online. Hotel room discounts end June 20th. It’s the Hilton on Mission Bay, a.k.a. the San Diego resort and spa.

If you book the 1-day retreat, in-person or online, you can upgrade later to three days if you choose. You’ll still get the early bird special if it’s before July 1st.

The curriculum is changing a lot, and so it the initiation schedule. Watch the page in the link below for updates on both. Dr. Pillai will teach only what God tells him to teach, and that usually happens in the moment, which is where he lives.

It’s nothing short of a miracle to be in the presence of a Living Master. This is your chance. There is room for a total of 100 people at the in-person retreat.

Learn More About Joining Dr. Pillai in San Diego or Online



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