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Sunday was the 4th Moon, the day to worship Ganesha.  Ganesha’s job is to remove all obstacles, seen and unseen, and also he is the overlord of Ketu, the south node of the moon.  Ketu can give us enlightenment, so this day is a great day to connect with Ganesha.  When we make the Divine Beings our friends they are there for us.  Ganesha’s Birthday is coming up in September so we can go and read about it on Astroved. If we can’t afford to do any of the offered rituals, then we can still make our own offerings from home.  Break coconuts and roll limes for Ganesha.

On Krishna’s Birthday, August 25th, if we offer 12 tulsi leaves (Holy Basil) to Krishna, he will be so happy!  We can dance to Jai Jai Radha Ramana Hari Bol.  This is a very enlivening chant that brings joy to you and to Krishna when you listen, sing and dance to it! 

Remember that your Kingdom is within, so we have to learn what our soul wants to do and listen to our Higher Selves.  How do we know when our soul is talking to us?  The soul’s words will bubble up within us and reveal to us what we need to look at in our lives. And when we combine what the soul wants, with the available energies of the day, we will be propelled forward on our spiritual path and to our manifestations.

Here are some important upcoming dates/events:

Thursday August 25th is Krishna’s Birthday.  Dr. Pillai says that Krishna is a 200% god and we can pray to him for both material wealth and spiritual enlightenment.  There are power rituals and other offerings to Krishna offered from AstroVed.  Read about this event here.

September 4th/5th Remember!  Ganesha’s Birthday (Ganesha Chaturthi) is coming up in September, so read about and watch the video for this event on AstroVed. Dr. Pillai is creating a Ganesha vortex for the Golden Age.  “The birthday of Ganesha is a time to remember him as a God coming to help us with intelligence and technologies. I want you to take advantage of the very special time of his birthday because it is the day he showers blessings on people who come to him. I have carefully examined every aspect of help that is available from Ganesha on this day and I want everyone to participate in it and solve problems that aren’t able to be solved humanly.”-Dr. Pillai

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