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How did you become rich or poor?

I’m going to address this question at some length in the upcoming Vedic New Year seminar and webinar on Saturday, April 14th. 

The old way of explaining this is Karma. It is Karma that makes somebody rich or somebody poor.

It is not a bad theory. It is true, but quantum physics can throw more light on this to understand the theory of Karma. It is your focus.

Poverty Comes from Poverty Consciousness

Those who became poor, their Consciousness is focused on poverty. It is dense matter. On the scale of the seven states of Consciousness, the material level of Consciousness is the lowest.

It’s not working from the gamma-ray level of Consciousness, the quantum level of Consciousness.

The bottom line is, you have become poor or rich, based on your level of Consciousness, and based on your ability to move from one Consciousness to another Consciousness.

Most people who have manifested a very bad reality – not only the money reality, but health reality, relationship reality – it is because they focused on the negative side, the painful side.

This is the material-stuck side of the Hertzian level of Consciousness. They are unable to move from that level of Consciousness.

God Consciousness Frees You to Accomplish Anything



Of the seven states of Consciousness, the highest state is God Consciousness, which is the unknown Consciousness, the ability to do everything.

The lowest is the first level of Consciousness, material Consciousness, in which we think that we cannot change anything.

We are stuck in the third dimensional reality. Once you are poor, you are poor for the rest of your life. When you are rich, you are rich for the rest of your life.

Generally speaking, it’s not a good reality to subscribe to this model because these seven states of Consciousness fluctuate.

You all possess within you the highest state of Consciousness, God Consciousness, and also the human Consciousness. But then we elect to remain in the human negative Consciousness.

We bring in time from the “stuck” material Consciousness.

The State of Consciousness Beyond Time, Poverty, & Karma



All that is needed is just to understand this theory and move to the highest level of Consciousness. To put it very simply, you have to connect to God Consciousness, which is the quantum field.

In the quantum field, there is a collapse of matter and Mind. Mind and matter collapse at the quantum state, so it’s a matter of learning to own the quantum state which is already within you. There is no time involved in that.

In that level, you can move from the lowest level to the highest level, from being poor to becoming rich, from being sick to healthy, or [from] no relationship to relationship.

In the New York Seminar, I will talk to you about some experiments I am doing at the molecular level, in my lab in India with some scientists with sounds. We’re learning how sounds can move you to the Quantum Mind. I look forward to teaching this course, and I personally want you to either attend via webcast or in person.

God Bless.

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