Dr. Pillai offers your key to success with tips for accessing the power of the Sun to reach your goals. Learn to reach for higher consciousness.



Have you ever fantasized about living a life on a fast track that leads you to reach all your material and spiritual goals without missing a beat? According to Vedic astrology and its calculations, the Sun enters Aries on April 13 and can help you do just that. This solar transit, in fact, marks the beginning of the Vedic New Year. This is the most awaited time to tap into massive amounts of cosmic energy and intelligence, changing the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously. During this time, Dr. Pillai offers the key to success with tips for accessing the power of the Sun to reach your personal goals. Learn to reach a higher consciousness with these tips and achieve a wealthier life.

To reach your peak performance, whether it’s in the boardroom, track and field, home office, gym workout, service industry, online business or political arena, here are some quick tips to connect with the Sun and receive its maximum energy for your success, well-being, self-betterment, and spiritual evolution.

Who or what is the Sun?

Most consider the sun just a life-giving star. Others— much like the ancient populations who worshiped the Sun—consider it a conscious, living being of tremendous intelligence. The higher power of the Sun on the material level is embodied by the king or queen archetype. At the highest evolutionary level, says Dr. Pillai, the Sun can help you attain super consciousness.

Obviously, the Sun is much more than it appears to be:

  • In Vedic cosmology (which merges the Divine with physics) the Sun is the supreme celestial body that rules the soul, and from which stem both higher consciousness and evolution
  • In Vedic astrology, the Sun rules VIP status, the political arena, successful careers, solar Gods of tremendous power, the father figure, our digestive health, and perfect eyesight
  • For scientists, the sun delivers to us 20,000 times more power than we currently utilize, which is an unthinkable amount of energy going unused
  • For the Tamil Siddhas, Dr. Pillai’s yogic lineage, the Sun is the highest abode where evolved souls go after death

Learn how to access the key to success with the Sun’s spiritual power in the  Awaken with the Sun course and form a deep and lasting relationship with the Sun, the life and Light-giver of our world.

So what does the Sun have to do with your aspirations, career and everyday struggles?


That’s because the sun gives us life, self-esteem, power, royalty consciousness and well-being. For example, have you noticed that when you feel energetic, it’s easier for you to succeed in your work and activities?

And when we feel empowered, we experience more self-respect, high self-esteem and increased motivation.

How to Connect with the Sun

Can you imagine acquiring spiritual powers, the capacity to rule over your life, ending self-doubt and unproductive work, and increasing your evolution and intelligence?

According to the yogis you can experience all the above by connecting with the Sun and raising your consciousness.

Try these tips for your key to success:

  • Every day between Apr. 13-May 13, recite 108 times the traditional mantra for the Sun—OM SURYAYA NAMAHA.
  • If the weather permits, go outside at sunrise or in the early morning; walk barefoot on the grass or on the beach; focus on your body, and feel empowered by the sunlight
  • At sunrise or sunset, avoid wearing sunglasses or a hat; absorb the light on your head and eyes with full awareness.
  • Sponsor a fire ritual or Fire Lab to honor the Sun and Shiva, the overlord of the Sun.
  • Ask the Sun for money miracles, more power and success.
  • Thank the Sun.
  • Listen to the Gayatri Mantra in the morning—any time before noon—to allow the powerful sounds in this mantra to change your brain and bring you higher evolution and well-being. The Awaken with the Sun course delves deep into the Gayatri mantra, one of the most powerful mantras in the Vedic tradition.  


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer at www.AstroVed.com


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