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Dr. Pillai: “Years passed by. Then next year starts, the following year also comes and goes away. We do not want 2023 to be like years that went by, and without any serious consequence in our life. 

I want to look at how time passes by, how time brings us good or bad with regard to our money, relationships, health, or our interaction with our soul and God. 

These are major areas of significance in everyone’s life 

It is possible to customize a program that can help people understand time as it brings good and bad things on a daily basis, on an hourly basis, on a monthly basis, or whenever the planets transit, or there is a system called “Dasa Buthi” system in Vedic Astrology, that you run a period of Saturn for 20 years. 

I was totally ruined by Saturn when I was going through the Saturn period. I started it when I was five years old, or four and a half years old. For the rest of the 20 years, you cannot imagine what I went through. Ever since I have looked at the pattern, and then I become so concerned about Saturn. I would not do anything during the Saturn time because I have objectively looked at the whole thing. 

What would be of great service to people is to know ahead of time

I asked on a daily basis also, what is going to happen in the next hour. We can even go for a 15-minute period of time, and I really developed some software to do that. That is kind of 95% complete, but several years ago, I did not do anything with it. But I am going to go and do something about it. You can know on a given day what is going to happen to me between six, seven, and eight in the morning. 

That is already the Hora Watch app that is available from AstroVed, but this is extended predictions which involve beyond one hour period and then it will look at the day itself. It is a Saturday. On Saturday, you have to be very careful not to do things that are very important and consequential. For some people Saturn will be good, but for most people, in general, no. 

I have two or three different modules. One is people can easily follow by themselves, and there are two other modules which need some astrologers to customize it for you. The third model is the astrologer that will be involved with you for the whole year. You can consult him or her and be benefited by that. 

You should fundamentally know what the planet is going to do, good or not 

It is not just superstition. It is a time-proven technology for millennials. Not only in India, but in ancient civilizations of the world. But in India, it is a consistent, continuous tradition, which keeps the science alive, and fabulous material is available, which unfortunately, has not been used by people generally. 

I strongly recommend that you should, in addition to your meditation and mantras. 

You should watch, every hour, every weekday or weekend, what the planets are and how they are influencing you 

Then you will see that you are immensely benefited by observing the radiations that are coming from the planets. God bless!”

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