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Ash Wednesday

Dr. Pillai: “I have a personal transformation message for you, which I actually deliver on Ash Wednesday. It is just simply not a personal transformation, but also the entire world because of what is going on in the world.

Everybody has been unhappy since COVID-19 and it continues.

What is the solution? 

I will deliver the whole solution on Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is on February 22nd. Why is Ash Wednesday so important? Because it is a period of penance starting. 

This is the lent season, the first day of lent, where Jesus secluded himself for 40 days until the trial, and culminating in Easter, when he was resurrected.

This importance of penance, and gaining superhuman powers is what is implied in the period of lent, of fasting and penance, which is repentance. Repentance simply means repenting of our sin, the sin is our ignorance.

It is not a metaphysical concept. We do not know what is going to happen. We do not know how to make money, it is all lack of knowledge, which is a sin. 

That is connected to Ash Wednesday. 

On Ash Wednesday, there is a special transformational message I am going to give which involves the ash 

The ash is very important in Hinduism. You have seen people putting ash on their foreheads. 

On Ash Wednesday, people put ash on their forehead. 

This is the place of the Third Eye on going beyond human suffering and ignorance and then bringing you to superhuman powers

That culminates in the triumphant entry of Jesus back with all the powers. That is also what I am going to talk about on Palm Sunday which is April 2nd, Jesus and the Siddhi powers.

I will talk about that on that day  and then the resurrection on April 9th, and the Ascension Day of Jesus on May 18th. These are all some of the things that I am planning to do for my students who mostly come from Christian families and have Christian friends.

What I am going to do now on Ash Wednesday is talk about the Ash on the forehead and Palm Sunday, which is April 2nd. These are palm leaves, and you burn the leaves. These are my own power objects that I am carrying. These are scriptures by the Siddhas written in Tamil and there are also some leaves where nothing is written, but the leaves and the letters will appear but only for the reader.  

The palm leaf itself is divine and the ash of the palm leaves is even more divine 

These are important for me as a person whose specialties are comparative religion, mysticism, and supernormal powers.

I look forward to seeing you on February 22nd which is Ash Wednesday and then following that on April 2nd which is Palm Sunday, that triumphant writing of Jesus Christ with great Siddhi powers to rescue humanity.

I invite you to attend these programs and then become superhuman people

That is what is going to happen during this special time with Hindus, I expect at least part of them to think that this is the beginning of the Golden Age

God bless.”

Prepare for Jesus’ Supernormal Powers on Ash Wednesday 

Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai Talking About Ash Wednesday 

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