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Living with Gods and Goddesses

Dr. Pillai: “Satya Yuga has already started. The starting point, according to the Hawaii Swami, Subramuniyaswamy, which I agree with, is when Edison invented the light bulb. That is Jyoti, which is light that is available even in the night time. Edison was an avatar, too.

That is the beginning of the finding of an alternative light source or illumination of the planet

Together with it, there were a lot of good things in the medical area, where life-elongation, pain reduction, and nuclear energy have been very useful in industries. 

On the other hand, you see the greed of individuals, as well as nations that have gotten beyond any control.

Countries want to loot other countries through commerce, or pricing things, and threatening them with nuclear war. Countries fight between themselves, individuals fight between themselves, all because of material well-being, sensual pleasures. God has been marginalized very deep down to the middle of the planet. God is now going to teach lessons for them. 

The Satya Yuga will be the time

It will be a very slow process. Even if I say something today, whatever I am saying may happen 1000 years later, or even more, 2000 years later. Time concepts are different in different dimensions.

For instance, Jesus said, that “Value all they sinned, and it is the result of sins that you are suffering. Now that I have come, and I am going on the cross and then suffer death on the cross, as a result, you will be relieved of your original sin, which is disobedience.” 

Remember, disobedience is the primordial sin. It shows “Who cares for God? I care for sex, food, joy. For God? No, I do not even think about God.”

That was the sin. That was the sin committed by Adam and Eve and that is continuous.

2000 years ago, Jesus died, and on the behavioral transformation side, nothing, very little has happened to humanity. Satya Yuga also will take another 2000 years or more. However, what is special about now, as I am speaking, is that those people who are awakened, meaning that their soul will resonate with what I am saying that money is not important, money is not necessary to help other people.

Money is necessary to feed other people, but the body is unreal, the body is an illusion, and what is real is God and our identity with God. God and we are one and the same, but unfortunately, we have identified ourselves with the body, and the body is giving us all our troubles in terms of diseases and so forth.

Enlightenment comes first.

Enlightenment is awakening to your own real self 

People may think that I am teaching about compassion and donating money to people, but then they may not have any clue of what enlightenment is, how to practice those techniques of going to different galaxies, astral travel. The goal of the human race is God’s bliss. Not the body, not sex, not food, not any of these Earthly pleasures

There are some people who are in the West, like Madame Blavatsky, and this group of Kuthumi and Saint Germain, and within the Indian context, some of the Vedic Rishis, not all of them, and most of Tamil Siddhas, like Bogar, Agastya, then number one Thirumoolar, and Kaalangi, Paambaatti Siddhar, and Kaagabujanda, are great siddhas, like Bhrigu and  Vishwamitra. These people not only taught about the light body and technology for the light body, but they also ascended and are still around us in the spaces, stars, andare guiding the human race. Those people will have bliss while still in their body. 

Those people will be those who follow me and follow some of the real teachers with proper teachings. Those people will experience miracles in changing their body and changing their consciousness. They will be, depending upon where they are or how committed they are, sucked into the light, and then finish their ignorance and never come back to dark planets like the Earth plane. God bless!”

Watch The Replay of Live Webinar with Mohini

Mohini shared a special audio from Dr. Pillai on the Golden Age, or the Satya Yuga, and highlights how to use the Divine energy available now to recreate yourself and your life.

Click below to watch the replay of the recent live webinar in case you missed it.


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