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11th Moon Vishnu Powertime Blog

Manifest with Shreem Brzee 

November 2022 Powertimes


*The dates mentioned are based on North America timings. Dates may be the same or different in other parts of the world such as Asia.

November offers several astrological events that provide divine support for wealth and prosperity blessings, as well as opportunities to connect with ancestors, clear negative karma, and plant seeds for new beginnings. There are two 11th Moons this month, inlcuding Vishnupati. These both offer an opening to bond with Vishnu who grants us abundance and material comforts. This month also has two special Pradoshams, one on a Saturday and one on a Monday. These represent double-powertimes for karma removal.

Watch the November Powertime Forecast replay here.


?? 11th Moon for Wealth | Nov. 3 & 19

The 11th Moon is the Moon of Vishnu, who is the consort of Lakshmi. Together, the divine couple embodies a male-female, Yin Yang energy that creates the perfect combination of sustainability, life, health, wealth and happiness. Everything that the Earth plane provides to sustain our life is created through Lakshmi and Vishnu, who allow all of the world’s beauty, health, and essence to come to fruition. It is ideal to pray to Vishnu and Lakshmi during every 11th Moon phase and petition them to bestow their support and blessings of abundance.

What to Do on the 11th Moon

  • Chant Vishnu’s mantra “Om Namo Narayanaya” 108 times
  • Chant “Shreem Brzee” 1,008 times


???? Shreem Brzee Fridays | Nov. 4, 11, 18 & 25

Every Friday is considered a “Goddess Friday.” Friday is an auspicious time to connect with Goddess Lakshmi and draw close to her with prayer and offerings. 

Fridays are ruled by planet Venus, which is ruled by Lakshmi – the beauty and abundance energy of Venus and Lakshmi are highly present on Fridays. You can connect with these available energies by doing extra Shreem Brzee meditations, chanting and writing; performing rituals; or offering gifts and sincere prayers to Lakshmi.

To access additional Venus energy, we can do spiritual practices during Venus hora. Find the Venus horas in your local area through the free AstroVed Assistant app (under Astrology -> Hora Watch).

What to Do on Shreem Brzee Fridays

  • Chant “Shreem Brzee” 1,008 times
  • Write “Shreem Brzee” 108 or 1,008 times
  • Offer hydration to a Shreem Brzee yantra or a Lakshmi Statue


?? 13th Moon for Karma-Clearing | Nov. 5 & 21

(Sani and Soma Pradosham)

The 13th Moon allows us to access cosmic energy that supports the dissolution of karma. 1.5 hours before sunset in your local area on the 13th Moon is called Pradosham.

We are constantly accumulating karma every day with every thought we have, so it is important to continually remove it. Our karma keeps us stuck in particular thought patterns – when we remove that karma, we are able to move into new thought patterns, ideas, and concepts that we may not have considered before.

The two 13th Moons this November fall on a particular day of the week. Each of them creates a double powertime that offers extra types of blessings and extra access to new energies. 

The first 13th Moon in November is called Sani Pradosham because it falls on a Saturday, which is ruled by Saturn. One of the names of Saturn is Sani. Saturn is the agent of our karma. He has a significant impact on our karmic imprints. It is an ideal time to partake in karma-removal techniques such as Surrogate Spiritual technology (coconut or lime rolling.) You can watch the tutorial here.

The second 13th Moon in November falls on a Monday, which is ruled by the Moon. The Moon rules our mind and emotions. Pradosham on a Monday is known as Soma Pradosham. One of the names of the Moon is Soma. Soma Pradosham allows us to access a deeper level of mental and emotional karma relief. This is a special time to dissolve persistent negative thoughts or deep inner wounds.

The 13th Moon day, especially 1.5 hours before sunset (the Pradosham time window), is an ideal time to pray specifically for anything in our karmic thoughts that we wish to have removed. This is a time to ask the divine to release and cleanse any existing negative karma and protect us from new negative karmas that may arise. 

What to do on the 13th Moon (Pradosham)


? Full Moon for Abundance | Nov. 7

The 15th Waxing Moon is the light of the Full Moon is at its peak, projecting maximum abundance energy onto the Earth plane. Our manifestation practices are multiplied with divine and cosmic support on this day. It is an ideal time to attract material and spiritual abundance, including prosperity, in our lives.

Because of its complete, potent energy, the Full Moon is one of the most important Moon phases to do our Shreem Brzee practices (writing, chanting, and meditating) and connect with Lakshmi to invoke her blessings of wealth.

What to Do on the Full Moon


?? 4th Moon for Obstacle Removal | Nov. 11 & 26

The 4th Moon is related to Ganesha, the obstacle-removing archetype. Ganesha knows how to remove obstacles because he also knows how to put them in place. He has the ability to remove obstructions and challenges that prevent or delay us from achieving success, even if we are not aware of these obstacles.

Ganesha’s divine energy is abundantly available to us during each 4th Moon. The 4th Moon phase presents an ideal time to pray to Ganesha to remove the seen and unseen obstacles in our lives. Dr. Pillai says that Ganesha and Lakshmi are always seen together, so it is also ideal to chant “Shreem Brzee.”

What to Do on the 4th Moon

  • Chant Ganesha’s seed sound “Om Gum” 108 times
  • Chant “Shreem Brzee” 108 times


? Vishnupati | Nov. 16

Vishnupati marks the first 48 hours (or first sunrise) after the Sun enters a fixed sign (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, or Taurus). In November, the Sun will move into Scorpio.Vishnupathi means that Lord Vishnu is more available to you, so it is easy to connect with him and pray for wealth. It is ideal to connect with both Vishnu and Lakshmi during these significant 48 hours. With pure belief, devotion, and meditation or rituals, you can experience many miracles, especially those relating to wealth. 
What to Do on Vishnupati
  • Chant  Vishnu’s mantra “Om Namo Narayanaya” 108x
  • Chant Shreem Brzee 108x




?⭐ New Moon for Ancestral Blessings & Anuradha Star Day | Nov. 23

New Moon

The New Moon is an ideal time to release, renew, and plant new seeds. As the Moon approaches this phase, we may notice our mind getting a bit quieter. 

This Moon is also the most opportune time to connect with your ancestors – even if we do not connect with them, they will connect with us.

Reciprocating this energy can be beneficial for both ourselves and our ancestors, as our ancestors can provide us with blessings of relief from ancestral karma. Tarpanam (ancestral offering) is a powerful technique for releasing inherited karmic imprints. It also helps to alleviate our ancestors’ suffering and release them to higher realms. It is important to perform Tarpanam during daylight hours (after sunrise and before sunset). 

Because your mind is less active, the New Moon is also a great time to go into deep meditation and focus on releasing thoughts and patterns that no longer serve you. 


Anuradha Star Day

Anuradha Star is the birth star of both Vishwamitra (the Father of Brzee) and Lakshmi (The Goddess of Shreem Brzee). Everyone has a birth star (the star the Moon was in at the time of your birth). When the Moon travels through a star, the qualities of the star project onto the Earth plane. Each of the 27 stars have gifts to give us and they can help us access ourselves at the soul level. The Moon travels through all 27 stars each month.

The energy of Anuradha is wealth and purity. When the Moon is traveling through this Anuradha Star, we have an easier time accessing these energies. It is an important day to practice rituals to acknowledge the presence and power of Lakshmi and Vishwamitra, and extend our love and gratitude for their blessings. 

What to Do on the New Moon & Anuradha Star Day

  • Do Tarpanam for your ancestors during daylight hours only in your local area. You can use our at-home Tarpanam Guide or join our Powerful Year-Long Tarpanam experience.
  • Chant “Shreem Brzee” 1,008 times
  • Hydrate a Shreem Brzee yantra, Vishwamitra statue, or Lakshmi statue


? Thanksgiving Day (US) | Nov. 24

Today is a day to acknowledge, feel and express gratitude for our blessings. We innately attract and create more freely when we are in a state of gratitude for all that God has already given us. Gratefulness is an act of divine love. Love is indicated as the Vishnu principle. Vishnu is the consort of Goddess Lakshmi and provides us with sustainability and material comforts.

We can often get preoccupied with our own mind, which can cause us to neglect other’s needs at times. When we dive deep into our gratitude and realize cautiously what God has given us, we often decide to give back to others. This creates a beautiful shift in our attention and opens our hearts. November is a great time to empower ourselves to wholeheartedly partake in this time of both thanks and giving. 

What to Do on Thanksgiving

  • Chant “Shreem Brzee” 108 times
  • Perform acts of donation
  • Join the Shreem Brzee Gratitude Challenge (beginning Nov. 11) via Telegram or  Facebook


Full Moon Shreem Brzee Immersion






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