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Dr. Pillai revealed in a live webinar his 2021 Great Night of Shiva plans. Inside, read an excerpt that explains more about their significance for you.



Dr. Pillai recently delivered a brand new webinar about the upcoming 2021 Great Night of Shiva. In this blog, read an excerpt from his talk that explains more about his plans for this special powertime and their significance for you. If you would like to join his midnight program on the Great Night of Shiva, click here.


I decided to make myself available to you.

“You do not have to sweat a lot. Some knowledge is required, and that can be acquired through schooling, but what you can acquire through God’s intelligence is a miraculous mind. A miraculous mind is that which gives you providence, and that becomes available during this Great Night of Shiva. That is why this is such an important time.

During this night, I decided to make myself available to you. I had an important thing to do on that day that I postponed just to be available to lead you through this incredible time.


What am I going to do for you? The focus will be how to change your destiny. 


Erase Karma

“First I will start with erasing your karma and that is very important. If you ask about Christianity, I would say the most important thing in Christianity is Communion. Similar to Communion is the ritual of Abhishekam which is a hydration ritual. I will do that along with you. I will teach you how to do it.


Acquire Wealth and Desires

“I will also do the fire ritual, which was first recommended by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, where he says the fire ritual will give you money. He says Istan Bhogan Hi Vo Deva, Dasyante Yajna-Bhavitah—these Gods and Goddesses will give you through the fire ritual, Istan Bhogan, whatever you desire. So such a technology, I will do that.


Powerful Mantra Initiation

“I will also initiate you into a very powerful mantra which all of you know, Om Namah Shivaya. But right now, you do not know how to do it or understand how you can rock the energy inside your body, mind, and soul.


I am going to put all my energy into it as I have never done before.


“These are the things that I plan to do. And I set apart the time, and I postponed my engagement just to be available in a good state of mind so that I can do a good job for not only myself and also for you and for everyone in the world. And that is fantastic.

That will be very beautiful. I look forward to that. I have never been so excited like today, like this Great Night of Shiva. I am going to put all my energy, all my energy to change the world, as I have never done before.

I will do a program for an hour and a half at midnight, but all throughout the night there will be a program by my students who will engage you. This is a great occasion, and I am very happy that I could do it. 


I welcome you personally to take advantage of this one night program that will change your consciousness dramatically.” 
– Dr. Pillai




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