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Dr. Pillai’s Karma Clearing Technique

Have you ever felt stuck in a repetitive cycle?

Even though you desire change, things in your life seem to stay the same. This is due to your karma, which can also be referred to as cause and effect.

The Buddha, who didn’t believe in God and who didn’t even believe in a soul, believed in karma.

What Is Karma?

Karma, also known as the law of cause and effect, is life. The subtle frequencies of what is going to emerge into events and opportunities are all stored as karmic impressions. Whatever it is that you do and experience is because of karma.

The concept of karma is very subtle and cannot be understood by the logical mind because the majority of people are living unconsciously. They do not understand the deeper meaning behind most of their actions, which is causing the results in their lives. The diffusion of karma cannot be done by the mind. You must understand this.

You can write all of the affirmations that you want, you can write them down as many times you want, say them out loud over and over, but you will end up repeating the same actions and behaviors.

Without the energies to go into deeper levels of awareness to appreciate karmic impressions, life seems very mysterious.

To understand your karma begins with staying conscious in your day-to-day life. Karma is associated with the throat chakra.

Everyone has accepted karma on some level and would never even challenge it. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in the same job, the same type of relationships, the same type of people around you or the same income level.

Repeated action and thought, simply put, is karma.

Every moment seems news and creative for one who is free of karma and they have the innate potential to create something new.

“Life is karma. Karma is the Law of Causality. You do something and it creates a set of reactions. To make it simple, you did some good things, and these good things create certain reactions, resulting in reward. If you do something bad, then you come back to go through the pain of your bad actions, because bad actions are going to give you bad results, pain, suffering, diseases, etc., if not now, in the next lifetime.” – Dr. Pillai

Can Your Karma Be Cleared?  

Karma is your destiny. Everybody has a destiny. That destiny unfolds itself day by day, even hour by hour. If you are really conscious, you can find out how it unfolds.

It is quite a scientific process. It methodically follows that which is going to happen in one’s life, one hour after another.

It’s not accidental at all.

Is it changeable then? Is it possible to change somebody’s career, relationship, or money?

Yes, it is.

There are karma clearing techniques that can be used to erase old karma and dissolve old karmic patterns. In order to manifest anything you want, you must break the old patterns, or karma, that has been created.

A daily practice is very important for karma clearing. Doing some regular karma clearing can become part of our daily hygiene habits similar to brushing our teeth or taking a shower. The only reason our parents did not teach us this when we were children is because they may not have known these techniques.

Karma is continuously being created by our thoughts and actions. Becoming more mindful and more positive helps us create a better future.


We can realize if we have had the power to create whatever is our current mess, we also have the power to create a better future.

You can direct your thoughts, words, and deeds to consciously begin to create what you truly want in your life now, as opposed to being a victim of thoughts and experiences from past karma.

How Do You Accumulate Karma?  

  1. Your ancestors: Youare born with what Dr. Pillai calls “Soul Genetics”, karmic impressions passed down from your family, much like your inherited physical DNA.
  2. Your astrology chart: The celestial energies present at your time of birth have a lasting impact on you, affecting your entire life.
  3. Your past life actions: When you reincarnate, you bring your past life karma with you.
  4. Your current lifetime’s thoughts and actions: What you do in this lifetime also influences your karma.

The Karma Clearing Technique

Thiru Neela Kantam is the sound frequency for clearing karma. This quantum sound is connected to an ancient story when certain cosmic events were said to happen. The mytho-therapy story associated with this sound is this:

In primordial times, the demons and the devas (angelic beings) were churning an ocean of milk for the purpose of creating an elixir of immortality.

This special elixir was supposed to arise from the churning of this ocean of milk. Vasuki, the king of snakes, was used as the rope for churning. Mount Mandera was used as the churning rod. Each group held one side of the snake, pulling him back and forth across the churning rod. After they had churned the ocean for a while, an elixir emerged from the ocean. However, by this time, the snake was exhausted, and he vomited poison. This poison was going to spoil the elixir.

Siva, the greatest being, was watching the whole scene, taking pity on both parties. He scooped up the poison, drank it and held it in his throat. The poison turned his throat blue.

The poison in this story represents karma, repetitive thought patterns and behavior. Thiru Neela Kantam literally means blue-throat. These sounds refer to this time when Siva compassionately drank poison which got lodged in his throat.

His generous action saved the elixir and dissolved the poison. The sounds Thiru Neela Kantam invoke this incredible power of the divine to intervene and dissolve the poison of negative karma in all areas of our lives.

 Thiru Neela Kantam is a prime sound frequency for clearing negative karma. When you wake up in the morning, do the karma-bursting meditation, Thiru Neela Kantam, for at least three minutes while still in bed.

Chant the mantra, Thiru Neela Kantam, while visualizing a blue light in your throat anytime throughout the day.

Inside the “New You” Program, Dr. Pillai shares ancient techniques – techniques that were once secretive, only passed down from Siddha master to student – that can remove the influences of negative karma from your life.

These karma clearing techniques are highly effective in helping you break free from the karmic ties of your past, leaving you open to experiencing life transformation at the deepest levels of your consciousness.

Enroll in the New You program to break free from old karmic ties


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