Experience the Manifest Presence of God in 2 Minutes



It’s extremely challenging to keep your mind on anything because the mind moves very quickly, particularly when trying to experience God and connect with Him. That’s because God is intangible, and we cannot relate to God. We can focus on our problems but focusing on God is difficult.

The ancient seers came up with this technology, so you can focus on God and experience his manifest presence.

I am not going to talk too much. I’ll demonstrate, and guide you through, the experience of getting your mind together and focusing on God.

2-Minute Meditation to Experience God’s Manifest Presence Every Day, Wherever You Are

It’s a technology. You bring the 2 hands together in a prayer position and stay there. Just focus on the palms, the 2 palms.

Feel the warmth of the palms.

Now feel the entire body from head to foot. The body will begin to vibrate. It has been vibrating but you have seldom paid attention to it.

Do this practice at home, or whenever you go to a temple, or any place of worship. The mind will become quiet and focused.

There is no point in praying, whether at home or at a temple, without the mind being under control.

God bless,

– Dr. Pillai

Learn More About the Connection Between the Body & God

“The body is so important. The body is God. It’s the House of God. And if you understand your body, you can understand the entire cosmos. The entire cosmos is within the body.”



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