According to quantum physics, there is incredible intelligence in light. Interestingly, the ancient sages of India and Vedic astrologers already knew this.

We are in an eclipse season, a time considered inauspicious for new beginnings. The upcoming partial solar eclipse occurs between Wednesday, July 12 and Thursday, July 13, depending on your time zone.

The Sun and the Moon will be together in Gemini, which brings a no moon (or no moonlight) day called New Moon, and the Sun will be partially obscured—or so it will appear from Earth.

The rishis or intuitive yogis who wrote the early texts of Vedic astrology—a system also known as the Science of Light—said that when the two luminaries are darkened by an eclipse, invisible tunnels for dark forces and difficult events are opened.

The principle at work taps into the rishis’ knowledge of celestial beings that can be simply divided in two categories: benevolent and malefic.

These beings include the nine Vedic planets—who, far from being considered accumulations of gas and rocks, are said to be alive and conscious.

The darker the Moon or the Sun, the less intelligence and righteousness—a byproduct of higher intelligence—are available on the earth plane.

So for good luck and good decision making that lead to your wealth, health and prosperity, follow this timetable and quick guide to avoid inauspicious times for your sacred ceremonies, weddings, inaugurations, baby naming, showers, launches, first dates, etc.

Good Luck Stems from Light

In Vedic astrology, this is literally true. In other words, lucky people enjoy light and intelligence from the good planets in their birth horoscopes. This is because of good deeds done in the current or prior lives, which fructify, bringing good relationships, wealth or healthy offspring, and all kinds of good fortunes.



This process is due to the law of cause and effect or karma.

So beneficial planets are simply placed in compatible and fortunate constellations, resulting in better life experiences.

Yet even if you weren’t born during the best of planetary alignments, learning when to begin a venture, get married, make an investment, refrain from taking action, can help you overcome even the worst karma.

So—again—knowledge is light that leads to intelligence, power and good fortune.

The Science of Light or Vedic astrology tells us that to receive good outcomes from our actions we need lots of light.

A bright lunar phase, a powerful placement of the Sun, and good associations of the other celestial bodies can help you get the loving relationship, ideal job, healthy offspring, new home, beautiful jewelry, and luxury car one seeks.

What to do on the partial solar eclipse

In New York (Eastern Time) the partial solar eclipse will occur during the night between July 12 and July 13 and begin at 9:48 pm and end around midnight.

In UTC time, the eclipse will begin on July 13 at 1:48 am and end at 4:13 am.

In India the eclipse will begin on July 13 at 7:18  am and end at 9:43 am.

Try this

  • Stay indoors, if possible.
  • If it’s daytime where you are, avoid looking at the eclipse—even if you’ve been told that it’s not visible in your country.
  • Avoid eating large meals during the eclipse.
  • You can eat at the end of the eclipse.
  • Do not begin any kind of auspicious ceremonies, fire rituals or any important activity during the eclipse hours.
  • Keep children and the elderly indoors.
  • Meditate during the eclipse.
  • Recite the sound OM to increase light in your brain and consciousness.
  • Take a shower at the end of the eclipse to remove radiation and negativity.
  • Ideally, do not make any important decision around July 12-13 and up to a week after the eclipse.



Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer at


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