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Why Faith is Important in the Manifestation Process

Why Faith is Important


Dr. Pillai: I will tell you – when Shreem Brzee was given to me in the late 1990s – I never believed in it. I am not an Angel. I am also like you, or even worse than you.

They said when I first teach the Shreem Brzee technique, a light will come. There is a video where I have a big beard, and I am teaching Shreem Brzee, in 2000. A light did come, but the light came through a hole in the wall and the Sun came through it. But it did come at the right time and in the Nadi reading, it also said ‘This is the time, it will come.’

I looked at the ceiling, there was a hole and the sunlight was falling through this hole. I said, ‘This is not the light. This is a coincidence.’ 

I was expecting a light to come out of the blue. It was not proof enough for me, so I discarded it. I waited for two years after that and nothing was working. There are people who really have manifested million-dollar homes and so forth – where the ceiling will open to the sky. But I was not carried away. 

Now I have 100% faith that Shreem Brzee will work. And because I have faith, it will also reflect on those of you who are doing that too. Opening the bank account in Heaven is a technology, a spiritual technology. And I have 100% faith, not about the amount you have deposited, but in the considerable amount of money that will be manifested – that is what I have faith in.

If you put a billion dollars or five billion dollars, most likely it will not happen, because you do not have that kind of faith; you have faith only in the rational mind. The money will certainly grow but not to the level that you are expecting because there is the self-sabotaging mind and the absence of a doubt- free thought. 

So, what do you have to do? You have to be really, really hard-nosed. Hard-nosed about what? About what you are believing all day long. 


You Have To Make An Effort To Believe

When you are waking up, in the waking state of consciousness, what are you believing in? What are you doing?  You have to ask yourself these two questions – what are you believing in and what are you doing?

Fundamentally, everybody is a disbeliever to some degree, but most people are disbelievers in general. 

Why? The human mind is naturally negative. 

What do you believe in? 

You believe in money, or you believe in a relationship, or you believe in God.   

Whatever you believe, you just say, ‘I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe.’ It changes the innate negativity of the disbelief of the Mind to become transformed. And then you begin to believe.

Otherwise, belief is too hard. To be negative and to disbelieve is very easy. 

You have to make an effort to believe. But you don’t have to take any effort at all to disbelieve because that’s the nature of our Mind. 

Especially after science and technology became popular, the disbelief ratio has [gone] way up. Because science and technology are based on disbelief. 

Eventually that disbelief leads to belief. 


You Have To Fix Your Consciousness

Some people have manifested in minutes, others have not manifested at all.. Why have they not manifested?

Because they didn’t have the faith, they didn’t have the persistence. You have to put faith in the body, mind, and soul, and never doubt it. Faith is very important. Faith is everything. If you have faith, you can move mountains; you can even move a literal mountain.

Don’t say, ‘I don’t have faith.’ If you say you don’t have faith, you will not have faith. By just saying ‘I don’t have faith,’ you don’t have faith. 

What that means is you elect to suffer. If you don’t make money today, it’s because you elect to do that. Every morning when you wake up and your soul keeps saying, ‘Today I choose not to make money,’ the soul is saying that. ‘Today I choose not to make money. I choose to be sick, I choose to be confused.’ There is nothing that happens that can be called an accident, there is no accident. You have to fix your consciousness.


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