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“The Full Moon is the Moon to get involved in acts of prosperity. It’s the time to get involved in the mundane world and ask for material blessings, then you have that energy – anything to do with starting a new business, or buying clothes or houses, things like that. Praying for that would be appropriate for this time because it is very conducive for those activities.” – Dr. Pillai


Celebrate the Full Moon with your dad this Sunday, June 16, which is Father’s Day in the US.

This particular Full Moon will be in Jyeshta, a star of courage and conflict resolution in Vedic Astrology. It is a good day to heal relationships, boost prosperity consciousness, and take bold actions. That also makes it a great Father’s Day regardless of the current state of your relationship with your father.



Use the Lakshmi’s wealth mantra: Shreem Brzee. It invokes the Goddess to help you eliminate poverty consciousness and attract spiritual and material wealth. Chant it as often as possible, even while shopping or when waiting in line to pay for your Slurpee.



Join the North America-based Shreem Brzee Full Moon on Sunday, June 16 PDT. It will be led by one of Dr. Pillai’s western students. Participant Aynes Narciso says, “I love the intensity of the Goddess energy that came through. Thank you!”

More Full Moon Fun: The Vedic priests invite you to join another event, the Full Moon Expand Caring, Expand Courage Interactive Fire Lab, on June 16 PDT.


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