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The Sun changes Zodiac signs once a month, in the middle of the month. This year in North America and India, the Sun moves into Gemini on June 15, 2019.

The Sun’s movement through Gemini lights up the topics of improving communication skills and exploring talents. It is a good time to accept social invitations and to enjoy the company of others.

The Sun is neutral toward quick-witted Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini. Some people may experience fresh opportunities for new training or learning new skills. Some people can use this time to lighten up a bit and renew their sense of humor, including their ability to laugh at themselves or to put a smile on the face of another person.


Impact of Transit of the Sun in Gemini: Air Sign with a Dual Symbol


Each of the Zodiac signs is associated with an element. Gemini is associated with the Air element. The Air element is associated with movement. We all enjoy the refreshment of a light breeze.

While the Sun is in Gemini (between mid-June to mid-July), it is a good time to examine anywhere in our lives where we feel stagnant or bored. The Sun in Gemini can help motivate us to get stimulated with fresh ideas and new experiences.

A classical Vedic description says the sign of Gemini is symbolized by a man with a club and a woman with a lute in close embrace.

  • A club does not require finesse or training like a sword or bow and arrow. This part of the Gemini symbol represents an extreme aspect of masculine strength and power.
  • A lute is a very refined instrument. This part of the Gemini symbol suggests a high degree of feminine sensitivity and creativity.

Together, both images represent a great range of energies. The Sun in Gemini encourages us to really explore and embrace both our masculine and feminine sides.

The Sun’s visit here can increase:

  • Our willingness to explore numerous interests
  • Our ability to associate and communicate with different kinds of people
  • Our readiness to become multi-talented with skills
  • Our commitment to successfully manifest a variety of goals


Sun in Gemini: Good Time to Connect with Areas Associated with Mercury


Gemini is a sign ruled by Mercury. One of the names of Mercury in Sanskrit is Budha. This name associates Mercury with the light of wisdom.  It is said when the Sun’s energy triggers a flower to open its blossom, that is Budh. Mercury’s blessings can help expand our consciousness. The name of the great awakened, enlightened teacher called Buddha comes from the same root sound.

While the Sun is in Gemini it is a good time to actively work on self-improvement and self-discovery.

Mercury is in charge of all forms of communication, including written, spoken and non-verbal communication. Sun in Gemini is a favorable time to become more gracious and loving with all our communications with everyone.

Another name for Mercury is Saumya, meaning peaceful or content. Mercury is a planet that can help us to be peaceful even while being active. Mercury is the planet that supports us in gracefully managing all the many details of our daily lives.

Among the planets Mercury is considered the merchant planet as he is charge of all forms of buying and selling. During the period of the Sun in Gemini we have support for reviewing our attitudes and plans for commercial success. Mercury can give us both focus and talent in doing positive business projects.

Mercury has a quick orbit around the Sun. He is the planet that helps us to have playful energy. The Sun in Gemini is a good time to make sure we are having some fun factor in our lives.

In the modern world, it is said Mercury is the planet that rules electronics and computers. Mercury’s wheelhouse includes all forms of online marketing, blogging, social media and the like. The Sun in Gemini can give support for people who are intending get a new device or launch an online project.

Mercury is a planet that can help us with learning more about astrology, and the sign of Gemini is strongly associated with astrology as well. The Sun in Gemini can support us in learning a bit more about our own birth chart and current planetary influences.

A simple mantra for Mercury that Dr. Pillai has shared for everyone to use is:



Sun in Gemini, 2019: Courage and Risk-Taking


The Sun’s brilliance in Gemini may uncover hidden challenges in the areas of flexibility and networking with others.

This can be a time to renew contacts across a diverse range of friends. It can be a time to take action to explore a variety of interests (martial arts class one night, Shakespeare play another night, etc.). Some people may be faced with developing more courage and examining their ability to take risks in order to create a more adventurous life.

The Sun in Gemini is an auspicious time to explore Pillai Center Academy course material from Dr. Pillai focused on the topic of Courage and Risk-Taking.


Sun in Gemini Lights Up 3 Stars: Mrigasira, Ardra and Punarvasu


The Sun will be transiting through the stars Mrigasira (3rd and 4th padas or quarters), Ardra (all 4 padas or quarters) and Punarvasu (1st, 2nd and 3rd padas or quarters) during his annual visit in Gemini. People who have their Moon in these birthstars in their Vedic birthchart can ask the Sun to especially bless their courage, compassion and creativity during the 30 days the Sun is in Gemini.


Sun in Gemini, 2019: Multi-Tasking Skills to Support Authentic Goals


The Sun in Gemini can help us streamline and improve our multi-tasking skills. This is a good period to break goals into “baby steps” and figure out pragmatic ways to move forward each day. We can develop more positivity about ability to do more than one thing with our daily focus. We can get more creative about keeping our focus on our goals and not getting distracted from our authentic manifestation intentions.

A mantra Dr. Pillai has taught in the past to help people discover their own authentic goals (rather than ideas from parental expectations, cultural conditioning, etc.) is:



Sun in Gemini, 2019: A Time to Embrace the Light of Happiness


Mercury is ruled by Vishnu, an archetype who sustains and protects the material world. Vishnu has several forms, including Lord Krishna and Lord Rama. One path to happiness that is taught in several traditions is to repeat a name of the divine. Repeating a divine name helps overcome darkness and brings in a light of happiness.

May we all sparkle with some name of the divine carried in our hearts throughout the month that the Sun is in Gemini. May we honor that of God in each other and experience the light of happiness in our daily lives.


Swamini Valli Wells is a Pillai Center Teacher and an AstroVed Astrologer who does Live Astrologer Consultations for the USD version of AstroVed, Dr. Pillai’s astrology site.





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