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For the past 18 years, Mohini has been serving as a speaker and seminar leader for Pillai Center’s transformational teachings and techniques around the globe. She has also been a part of the development and implementation of the Pillai Center’s educational offerings.

From a young age, Mohini has been a youth leader in Christian faith and has also served as a missionary. She has explored various new age practices and systems of thought.

Mohini has a B.A. in Religion from the University of Iowa and has studied a wide range of world religions. At the University of Minnesota, she carried out her Master’s studies in Communication Disorders.

While living in India for 10 years to create Dr. Pillai’s Nadi Astrology and Fire Lab Center, Mohini has had further opportunity to delve deeply into the ancient, spiritual sciences of India.

“I have the greatest admiration for people who open their hearts to the Divine and follow an inner calling to live a life based on spiritual principles in their own unique way. For me, the Pillai Center eachings have completely revolutionized my life in every aspect and given me an entirely new life, and I’m so grateful I can pass on these teachings every day and offer others the opportunity for total transformation.” -Mohini

Gina (Lakshmi) Guerrieri


Gina (Lakshmi) Guerrieri is a specialist in transformative education with a unique gift for designing and delivering dynamic programs and practices that lead to embodied and lasting change. She has been designing programs and teaching for Pillai Center since 2001. Gina has practiced meditation since 1992 and has been teaching since 1998. Her teaching experience includes in-person meditation classes, teleseminars, interactive workshops, and donating her time to teach at women’s shelters and Riker’s Island Prison in New York City. During this time, she has studied with living masters of Interfaith, Buddhist, and Hindu lineages.

She is a spiritual life coach, meditation teacher, and Vice President at Pillai Center. With her inviting and comfortable style, Gina welcomes students into the deepening levels of their own creative potential.

“I am a perpetual student and the most fulfilling moments in my life are being able to pass on what I’ve learned and see it make a difference for others. It’s a great honor to be of service.”



Sucharita has been studying with Dr Pillai for over 17 years and shares his teachings with others around the world.

She is the Educational Programs Manager at Pillai Center where she creates, coordinates and facilitates online programs.

She provides spiritual support through Advisory Services where her skills and experiences in Massage and Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Chiropractic and Life Coaching enhance various levels of member care.

She enjoys sharing her experiences from spiritual travels and pilgrimages around the world while committed to uplifting others on the path.

Valli Wells

Valli Wells

Dr. Pillai blessed Valli with Swamini title during the Birthday Trip, 2017 while at Swamimalai in Tamil Nadu. She was first introduced to Lakshmi, feminine archetype of beauty, grace, purity and abundance in 1982 by an enlightened siddha master named Rama (Dr. Frederick Lenz), and she is grateful to Dr. Pillai who has been deepening that connection with his Shreem Brzee teachings for her since 2001.

She experiences Dr. Pillai as sharing love and light to transform all of us, and she has heard him say,“Anyone who works with my teachings, I consider as my student.”

“I am looking forward to both inspiring and being inspired by my fellow students in countries around the world as we receive and implement Dr. Pillai’s teachings into our lives and our world.” ~ Swamini Valli”

Donatella (Lalitha) Riback


Donatella (Lalitha) Riback is an empowered Pillai Center teacher. She helps people achieve happiness, well-being, and prosperity.

She is a spiritual life coach, writer, blogger and holds an advanced certification in Vedic astrology.

Lalitha has a great passion for sharing with others Dr. Pillai’s teachings, along with the Vedic arts and sciences—especially Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, and yoga, which she has been teaching for the last 15 years. She is also a contributor to The Astrological Magazine founded by Dr. B. V. Raman.

“Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to inspire people to reach their highest potential and realize their higher, spiritual self. I’m grateful to Dr. Pillai for teaching me how to reach this goal, and changing my life in profound ways.”

Sarah Burns


Sarah Burns (also known as Radha Paru) has been studying with Dr. Pillai since 2008. After attending one of Dr. Pillai’s Grace Light seminars in San Francisco, her life changed drastically with an opportunity to visit India and study Vedic Astrology through AstroVed.

This eventually led to new opportunities as part of the Pillai Center Team, developing and supporting Dr. Pillai’s online programs. Sarah is currently the manager of Dr. Pillai’s yearlong Mystery School II Program.

Sarah’s spiritual journey began as a child growing up in Montana, exploring the vast beauty of nature. This journey has taken her through several spiritual teachings and philosophies over the years.

Pillai Center and its global community of amazing members who study Dr. Pillai’s teachings continue to support and inspire her spiritual journey.

Ujwala Venkatesh

Ujwala Venkatesh

Born and raised in South India, Ujwala moved to the United States in 1981. She has a Master’s degree in science with a speciality in Cell Biology.

As she came from India and organically learned the Hindu traditions and stories of Gods and Goddesses, the word spirituality did not mean anything to her until she found Dr. Pillai.

Dr. Pillai came miraculously into her life in late 2009; this was a perfect time for her to devote to his teachings.

She struggled all her life to find her purpose regarding why she is here and what she is supposed to do in her life. She did much volunteer work to find her passion, but yet she still felt that she had so many unused abilities, and she was looking very hard to find ways to use these abilities to make her own unique contribution to the world.

Through Dr. Pillai’s teachings, she found her passion which brought transformation within herself. She is fulfilled and lives a much happier life now than she ever have.

In 2017, Ujwala launched myguru-and-me.com, a blog to share her miracle stories of Dr. Pillai’s teachings. This meaningful endeavor also provides a great opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills. She absolutely feels there cannot be anything that is more fulfilling than working towards human evolution and development of higher consciousness.

Besides blogging, her hobbies include nature walks, yoga, traveling, cooking and attending music concerts.

Ujwala is happily married with four adult children.

Meena Mulloy


In this lifetime, Meena Mulloy met Dr. Pillai in April 2000. The first encounter was a complete life changing event, she saw his Light Body and from then on changed the priorities in her life to learning everything possible from him. At that time, she was Vice-President in a Fortune 500 Investment Bank and well known on Wall Street for her success in turning around the corporate communication and presentation division. In 2001, Dr. Pillai gave his first seminar in London and that was the beginning of extensive travel and managing events on-site for Meena. In 2004 she moved to India and after working for a Wall Street business and completing her business karma, she was given the honor and responsibility of managing AstroVed Advisory Services along with a talented team to bring more in-depth, personalized spiritual work and help.

Meena has served, worked, traveled and learned as much as possible from this great master. There is no end to his depth and height and if anything, she feels more like a beginner now than when she first met Dr. Pillai. She loves to encourage others along the way and when she meets you one-on-one she is often shown your gifts and higher purpose.

Dawna (Rani) Devi

Dawna (Rani) Devi

Having been blessed in her life to have known and studied with a number of living saints, Rani firmly believes that their guidance has led her to the teachings and mission of Dr. Pillai. Without reserve, these teachings are available to all of us through Dr. Pillai’s grace and compassion for all of humanity.

Rani has over 40 years of professional background in music composition, performance and production. She has been a devoted student of Dr. Pillai’s teachings since 2014 and works as a channel to bring Dr. Pillai’s teachings to the global community.

Currently, Rani designs and manages Dr. Pillai’s Religions of Religions immersive community events on YouTube, facilitates Pillai Center and Pillai Center Practice programs, and composes beautiful original music to accompany Dr. Pillai’s transformational sacred mantra chants.