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A Weak Sun


Lately, have you been feeling doubtful or insecure? Are you currently lacking self-confidence? If so, these negative thoughts and feelings are merely consequences of the Sun’s recent transit in Virgo, a sign of Mercury.

In fact, while attempting to achieve maximum efficiency and avoid mistakes, the gentle and health-oriented Virgos can be hard on themselves and others through their excessive judgment. Not to mention that Rahu, the north lunar node that puts an eclipse on the Sun, is also in Virgo—and this is an aggravating factor.

Virgo’s energy doesn’t mix too well with the Sun’s purpose, because this luminary is our soul, our personal power and status, our success, our vitality, our father figure and even our government. Ultimately, the Sun is the planet of supremacy and rulership and the true self.

So in the last several weeks, you may have learned about your errors the hard way, and felt uneasy as a result. This is especially true in the work arena because the Sun is a career planet.

All the above is about to change on October 17, when the Sun moves to Libra—a sign of Venus.

In Libra, the Sun becomes weaker and ‘debilitated’. To understand the implications of this transit, let’s imagine a monarch who suddenly neglects the more serious affairs of his kingdom to enjoy social gatherings, gallery openings or concerts.

Libra signifies relationship harmony, good manners, artistic creativity and fairness in our interactions with others. But it also brings indecision and indulgence in sensual experiences. And those are not the Sun’s utmost preoccupations.

Because Libra is the natural house of relationships, a weaker Sun may become proud and demand attention and recognition, bringing difficulties with other adults, authority figures and one’s father. These issues could be further magnified by the closeness of Rahu.

On the bright side, not only can the Sun in Libra make one a good designer or diplomat, but also during this transit Venus will be there—and this is very good news because this conjunction will greatly mitigate the Sun’s weakness.

So, below you will find a few easy steps for making the best of the time window between October 17 and November 16.

Agree to disagree. If you want to get things done, excessive diplomacy will not do. At times you must just go ahead and be an authority in your field. Fortunately, the influence of Venus will ensure that you won’t be rude in the process.

Avoid excessive indulgence. While we all agree that sensual pleasures are a natural part of our human experience, it’s not a good idea to forget our responsibilities.

Wait it out. Postpone major career moves, and dealing with issues related to your father, or the government, until the end of October. After that date, the Sun will leave his degrees of debilitation and your situation will greatly improve.

Respect the boundaries. Needless to say, there’s a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance. And, we must remember to recognize others’ jurisdiction over their own territory—whether this is within a relationship or at work. In other words, give others plenty of space and they may do the same for you.

See the brighter side. Venus will be strong and loving in Libra, meaning that the planet of love and beauty will bring a gentler influence in any difficult interaction with others. You can also expect a boost in your creativity.

Enjoy the energies!




by Lalitha Devi



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