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Dr. Pillai reveals the Divine Archetype behind his personal success and the source of new teachings to accelerate human evolution.

Murugan the Stars

“The Six Days of Muruga called the Skanda Shasti, is a very important time period that happens every year during the month of October/November based on a lunar calendar (beginning from the 1st Moon after the New Moon for six days). This astronomical time is really the literal descent of the energy of Muruga, who is associated with the opening of the Third Eye and also the dissolution of karma. As far as the human race is concerned, it’s the most important time period.

In my personal life, this deity Muruga—who is a Supreme Deity—has played a very important role, and he has been responsible for every fortune that I have had.

Every ‘intelligence’ that I came to embrace are all due to Muruga. I don’t want to go into the personal life, but it is enough to tell you that Muruga has been guiding me regularly ever since I have become conscious of the play of the Divine in my life.

He is a God who can do Miracles and who carries the highest intelligence to perform the most difficult tasks. He is the compassionate one as far as helping us out, or bailing us out, from difficult situations. He is the Lord of the Pleiades, and the Pleiadians are very, very concerned about the evolution of the Earth Plane. That’s why this time period is a very important period.

A Channel for Muruga’s Teaching

During the Six Days of Muruga, I’m going to do something very different than I have done. This is a very, very unusual time because Muruga has facilitated this process and insisted that I should do it. My job is quite easy because it is not that I am doing anything. He is doing it. At every step he has guided me with the topic that I should talk about on the six days; the problems that will be solved; the tools that he needs the people to have for a higher state of consciousness to make life easier on this Earth Plane.

There are topics like:

  • How can you really open up yourself to Muruga so he can play a vital role in guiding you, as he has been guiding me?
  • How can you connect with him and what are the methodologies that are useful?
  • How can you remove your stubborn karma—financial, relationship, or health karma?
  • How his Vel can help with the process.
  • How can you attract relationships?
  • How can Muruga help you with Maya? (Dissolution of Maya)

Each day I will talk about it from the scriptures that he himself gave to Arunagiri. Arunagiri was a saint who spent his later part of his life dedicating every second for Muruga, and Muruga was speaking through him, performing innumerable miracles.

As I said, this is not my doing. I do it in complete ease and effortlessness, and with a great amount of joy because there is nothing that I do in this program that can be traced to my ego.

It’s completely ego-free and I am only a channel through which Muruga is flowing and he is reaching out to you.

It’s my invitation—which is rather the invitation of Muruga—to come and participate in the program and use this very special time to change your life for the better.”

– Dr. Pillai

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