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Good Saturday morning everyone.  Namaste!  Sucharita welcomed us all on the Powertime Practice call on April 20, 2019 by reminding us why we are all here together.  We are here to learn what the energized times of every day, week and month are so we can take advantage of them.  Being together on the calls amplifies our spiritual endeavors many fold!  We are here to uplift ourselves, each other and all of humanity.  How do we tap into the energy of time?  How do we change our thoughts?  Dr. Pillai is giving us the tools to do this!

Remember to join the Free Easter Webcast with Dr. Pillai on Sunday, April 21, at 8:00 am PDT (3:00 pm UTC). Join Here.

This week is the Holy Week for many folks on earth.  Friday was Good Friday, the day of the Last Supper and when Jesus Christ was crucified and Sunday is Easter, the day when Christ ascended.  The Powertime this weekend is all about finding the Christ Consciousness within each of us.  Our spiritual centers are hidden in this human body along the spine.  We need to unlock the chakras that are along our spines, and Dr. Pillai is giving us the sounds and mantras to do this.

Sucharita tells us why we are putting the vibhuti or sacred ash and the red powder or kum kum across our forehead.  The kum kum is for the feminine power and the sacred ash seals our third eye.  The third eye is located where the pineal, pituitary and the 3rd ventricle are in the brain.  The Dance of Siva (The Nataraj) is occurring in this area of the brain.  When we recognize this, we are closer to attaining the Light Body.  All The Divine Beings live inside of us and we need to learn to listen to them through our spiritual practices.  Prayer and spiritual practice will reduce stress and slow down aging!  Contemplating a loving God rather than a punitive God is the secret to a long and happy life.  Any extreme beliefs or fundamentalism can damage your brain and that is why Dr. Pillai is teaching moderation across the board.  All religions and beliefs can utilize Dr. Pillai’s teachings!  Two good books that Dr. Pillai recommends are How God Changes your Brain” by neuroscientists Andrew B. Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman  and The Yoga of Jesus” by Paramahansa Yogananda. Yogananda writes that Jesus taught that we must lift the bodily consciousness in order to achieve enlightenment and ascend.  The Kingdom of heaven is within

Meditation: Today we honored the Kingdom Within, Lord Muruga and Jesus the Christ.  We tapped into the energy of the day. Saturday is ruled Lord Saturn, who will give us patience.  He delivers hard karmas and makes us work hard to overcome them.  We must keep at it. 

Sucharita showed us how to take a lemon or lime and pierce it with Lord Muruga’s spear or vel.  Put it on your desk or altar and this will prevent negative energies from entering your space. 

There is also a YouTube video that Dr. Pillai has done, called “Spirit Herbs:  Secrets of Divine Beings who Heal”Watch here.

Discussion:  Sucharita recommends that everyone get an astrological reading to help you to figure out your karmic paths and then what detours you can take to bypass your karma.


Monday Apr 22, 01:55 AM ET
Ganesha is especially very powerful and present on the 4th and 14th moon phases. Call on him to remove your obstacles by chanting his mantra, Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha. Roll and break a coconut or lime(s) to remove obstacles and karma. Read about a special ritual offered here

Monday Apr 22, through August 11, 2019
Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio, the 8th house of change and unexpected gains, makes it an ideal time to transform and accept changes and challenges to witness progress in all walks of life.  Learn what to do here.  

There is a bodily location for this karma. That bodily location is the Svadhisthana Chakra which is the Second Chakra. What happens at the 2nd Chakra is the worst karma gets deposited there. You can clean up that karma only through the help of Muruga at Thiruchendur.” Read about and sign up for the free service here.  

Wednesday Apr 24, 02:02 AM ET
The 6th Moon (called Shasti in Sanskrit) is the most appropriate time to win the battle against negativity and evil eyes. This is a peak day for absorbing the energies of Lord Muruga (a divine warrior/healer) and the planet Mars. Muruga specializes in solving problems such as credit card debt, legal issues, health problems, etc. Call on Muruga by chanting Om SaRaVaNaBaVa on this day and pouring milk/juice/water over a vel.

Friday, April 26 at 5:10 AM ET

On the 8th Moon you can contact Kala Bhairava, the God of Time. With his blessings, you can stop wasting time and jump into a better reality instantly. Chant Udyamo Bhairava to connect with Kala Bhairava.

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