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Fire Labs and Mantras

mantras and fire labs


Dr. Pillai: “Mantras are magical sounds that have the ability to transform your life and change your destiny. 

To say a mantra is an attempt to create the object that the mantra signifies. The mantra, in other words, is a sound equivalent of the object. By saying the sound, and understanding it, and taking it to its very subtle regions, you will know how to create the object. The subject and the object, the word and the object, and the signifier and the signified, are all contained in this mantra.

If you need protection, there is a mantra for protection. As you go on chanting a mantra, it will go deep into your unconscious.  The advantage of keeping the mantra in the unconscious is if you need protection from jealousy, evil eye, or from people, the mantras can protect you. You may not know who is your friend or your enemy, but the mantra will know. 

If you keep on chanting it and meditating on it, the mantra will come to your rescue. You may not even know that the mantra is giving you a shield of protection. That is why it is very important to participate in fire labs, because fire labs can bring your soul in harmony with the mantras. The mantra will multiply its power through the fire labs and on a personal level, but you have to do the mantra chanting. 

The fire lab adds more power to the practice of the mantra. 


The Object of the Fire Lab

The mantra is both a sound that can be heard, and it can also be a sound that – when it is not heard – is understood or perceived by the mind.  It has two components: one is a heard level, and the other is a level in the mind, as a thought perceived by the mind.

In both of the levels, they are kind of invisible. It is audible to the ear, and it is perceivable by the mind, but never seen. 

The object of the fire labs is to bring the power of the sound to visible levels so that you can create the object in a three-dimensional form. That is the secret of the fire lab. When you combine the fire with the mantra, the fire is what makes the mantra, or the mantra’s object, visible.

That is why I have always insisted on the performance of fire labs. 

If the priest performing the fire lab happens to be one who knows the secrets of producing the sounds within his own consciousness in a way that involves his whole psyche, the unmanifest and the manifest levels, and that priest is able to do this fire lab, the ritual will be very productive, and then we can see the results. 

What I am saying is not something that is original as to be a discovery by me. It is already there in Vedic literature that the fire and the sound go together, and maybe I have put it in a form that is more intelligible, or easy to understand. But the most important thing is the value that we perceive in the performance of the ritual where an invisible sound creates a visible objective reality. So the fire lab is a technology. 


The Science of Fire Labs

We want to present this tradition of fire labs as a science, a pure science. What happens to the person, or the priest, as soon as he begins to chant the hymns invoking Gods and Goddesses? What happens to the priest’s brain? And what happens to the brain of the listeners? We can contrast and see how the brain waves change. What is happening here is that you are elevated through visible changes in the brain that puts you in a frame of intelligence that enables you to act better, and create more things, and be productive.

So a fire lab is not just a religious activity that the Hindus are involved in, but it is a technology, a fire technology. That is why I call it a “fire lab,” where you can go and work with different forms of energy. You can do fire rituals for different Gods and Goddesses, for the planets, and for whose help you need to fix your life.”

                      – Dr. Pillai 


Manifest Your Destiny in 2022 

Manifest with Fire is a program commissioned by Dr. Pillai to make powerful fire lab technology targeted to manifest results in different areas of life available to those who need it. Click the link below to learn more and join the March Manifest with Fire program to benefit from participation in fire labs during upcoming key powertimes.






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