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Wealth Manifestation Powertimes & Events

February 21 – February 27


This week provides advantageous opportunities to manifest wealth during three powertimes: the 13th Moon, the 11th Moon, and Anuradha. These astrological events project cosmic energies and offer divine intervention that is useful for manifesting blessings of inner and outer prosperity. Read below to learn more about these powertimes and how to use them, plus upcoming free events to help you obtain optimal prosperity and abundance.


Free Events This Week

Live Weekly Group Chanting Call | Friday, Feb. 25 | 8 AM PST | YouTube

Join the Shreem Brzee Community Chanting Call to harness the synergy of group consciousness that is known to generate amplified manifestation.

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Shreem Brzee Meditation & Wealth Powertime Update | Sunday, Feb. 27 | 11 AM PST | YouTube

Join Lakshmi for a group meditation to help set a positive trajectory for your week; learn how to manifest wealth with upcoming powertimes; and participate in an interactive Shreem Brzee Q&A session.

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Sunday Powertime Recap (Feb. 20):

The Waning phase of the Moon (Feb. 15 – Mar. 1) is a good time to let go of negative thoughts and karma.

Anuradha Star Day (Feb. 23) is a day to honor Lakshmi and Vishwamrita, as Anuradha is their birth star. Chanting Shreem Brzee and practicing hydration rituals will draw great wealth and purity into your life.

Shreem Brzee Friday (Feb. 25) is when Venus, the planet of prosperity, is sovereign over the Earth plane. Lakshmi is the overlord of Venus, so it’s ideal to honor her, chant Shreem Brzee, and offer hydration to her statue or to a Shreem Brzee yantra.

The 11th Moon (Feb. 26) is an ideal time to pray to Vishnu for blessings of spiritual prosperity. He is the consort to Lakshmi and the bestower of inner wealth. On this day, you should chant Shreem Brzee and ” Om Namo Narayanaya.”

Shreem Brzee tip of the week: Chant Shreem Brzee for four hours to access a deeper state of consciousness.

Shreem Brzee Manifestation Immersion: Enrollment now available until Feb. 23 at a prorated price.

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If you missed the last powertime update and meditation, you can access it here.

I have been able to buy a phenomenal house, my dream car, and I also got married to the woman of my dreams. It’s weird how I don’t even know myself how it happened, but I just kept believing, I kept doing ‘Shreem Brzee’.” — Deepak

Wealth Powertimes This Week


Anuradha | Wednesday, Feb. 23

Anuradha is considered the birth star of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Shreem Brzee, and Vishwamitra, the Father of Brzee. Lakshmi is a feminine archetype of beauty, grace, purity and prosperity. Respectively, the Anuradha birth star represents abundance and is considered the ‘star of success’. It carries Radhana Shakti (the power of worship), thus making the day ideal for honoring the Shreem Brzee Goddess and the Father of Brzee to help you manifest wealth and abundance in your life.

Manifest Wealth on Anuradha:
  • Pour water or milk over a Vishwamrita statue, a Lakshmi statue, or a yantra (a geometric diagram, or any object, used as an aid to meditation)
  • Chant ‘Shreem Brzee’ 108 or 1,008 times
  • Pray for removal of scarcity and increased abundance


11th Moon | Saturday, Feb. 26

The 11th Moon embodies Vishnu, who is in charge of creating matter and material comforts on the Earth plane. Vishnu and Lakshmi, the Goddess of Shreem Brzee, make up a divine couple. They represent Shiva Shakti, or yin yang – their combined male and female energy create abundance and provide us with what we need to sustain a comfortable life on earth, including prosperity and luxury. The complementary energy of Lakshmi and Vishnu are available to us during the 11th Moon, making it an auspicious time to manifest wealth, abundance, material growths, and spiritual awakening.

Manifest Wealth on the 11th Moon:
  • Write ‘Shreem Brzee’ at least 108 times to ground the energy of the sound and bring the energetic benefits to your life.
  • Chant Vishnu’s mantra, “Om Namo Narayanaya” to invoke his grace and divine presence.


13th Moon | Sunday-Monday, Feb. 27-28

During the 13th Moon, the Earth plane receives concentrated energy for the dissolution of stubborn karmic thoughts and negative psychic impressions imprinted in one’s consciousness, opening the path for peace and prosperity. “Brzee” specifically is helpful in removing karma that can hinder you from manifesting wealth. The throat chakra is the juncture responsible for karma removal. Using Brzee or Shreem Brzee at the throat during the 13th Moon offers an advantageous opportunity to utilize its astrological influence to manifest wealth, physically and spiritually.

Manifest Wealth on the 13th Moon:
  • Utilize Surrogate Spiritual Technology by breaking coconuts or rolling lemons/limes
  • Chant “Brzee” or “Shreem Brzee” 108 or 1,008 times while focusing on the throat
  • Visualize or write down negative habits, traits, or persistent thoughts that you wish to dissolve

Watch our recent 13th Moon Webinar to diffuse negative thoughts using special techniques and meditation.


Venus’ Ruling | Friday, Feb. 25 

Venus is the reigning planet on Fridays, casting its abundant aura onto our terrestrial realm, providing an auspicious time for humankind to manifest material and spiritual prosperity. Venus’ energy is also available at a heightened intensity during its respective hora, which is active three times on this day (PST) —7:12 AM to 8:05 AM, 1:36 PM to 2:30 PM, and 8:20 PM to 9:24 PM.

Manifest Wealth During Venus’ Ruling:
  • Chant ‘Shreem Brzee’ 108 or 1,008 times
  • Write ‘Shreem Brzee’ 108 times
  • Set specific goals, visualize them, and write them down in detail while listening to the Shreem Brzee mantra loop.
Learn More About All February Powertimes

Powertimes represent astrological events that hold influential cosmic energies that project onto the Earth plane and have the power to affect our consciousness. February offers several powertimes that are ideal for manifesting wealth and abundance using Shreem Brzee…

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Monthly Meditation & Wealth Rituals 

The Moon, Stars, and Planets are celestial beings that rotate through different phases, offering us wealth powertimes — special occurrences of astrological energy that reaches the Earthly realm to enhance our manifestations. Performing rituals, meditations, and ceremonies in groups can greatly increase the benefits of your efforts to bring prosperity into your life on all levels.

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  • Full Moon Meditations
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  • Weekly Sound and Light Ceremonies (Poojas)

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“I want to make it very simple. Use this sound Shreem Brzee. Vishwamitra, the Benevolent Emperor of India, gave me this sound. He wanted to give the royal life he lived to everyone. He had to find a Divine means through which every individual will be able to create wealth for himself through his own consciousness. So you can use this sound, and then you can create. Fire labs are the shortcut.” — Dr. Pillai

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