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Shreem Brzee Powertimes


February 2022


What They Are & How To Use Them


Ashta Lakshmi


Powertimes represent astrological events that hold influential cosmic energies that project onto the Earth plane and have the power to affect our consciousness. February offers several powertimes that are ideal for manifesting wealth and abundance using Shreem Brzee. We will present the powertimes available this month, their significance, and actionable steps to help you best harness the potency of these events.


February 11 | 11th Moon Friday (DOUBLE POWERTIME)

The 11th Moon phase is an ideal time for creating a life of abundance, manifestation, material growths and spiritual awakening. This Moon phase represents Vishnu, the Lord of the Earth plane who is in charge of creating matter – which includes material luxuries such as cars, homes, and money. Vishnu is the consort to Lakshmi. Together they make up a divine couple that embodies Shiva Shakti, or yin yang, meaning their male and female energy join together to create an abundant nature. 

In Hinduism, the mutual energy of the male and female are mutually essential in the creative process, just as the male and female components are needed to produce a child biologically. Vishnu and Lakshmi’s specialty is to provide us with what we need to sustain ourselves on Earth – good health, fulfilling relationships, prosperity, housing, etc. These archetypes bring prosperity, material comforts, abundance, and unconditional love into your life.

The 11th Moon this month falls on a Friday, which results in a double powertime. Every Friday is a valuable time for material-focused manifestation, as Venus rules Friday and is characterized by wealth and abundance. In Vedic Astrology, Lakshmi is the overlord of Venus, so her energy is more present when the planet is in control. 


What to do on the 11th Moon:

  • Write the sound ‘Shreem Brzee’ to manifest fortune and bliss. It’s best to write it 108 or 1,008 times to ground the energy of the sound and bring the energetic benefits to your life.
  • Chant Vishnu’s Mantra, “Om Namo Narayanaya” to invoke his grace and divine presence.

“The 11th moon is for enjoyment, it is a day for pleasures and comforts, that is why, it is dedicated to Vishnu; it is a day of wealth and prosperity.” – Dr. Pillai


February 13 | Pradosham

The 13th Moon phase, also known as Pradosham, is the ideal time to dissolve negativity, old habitual patterns, and negative karma that limit your success in your wealth manifestation endeavors. 

Pradosham occurs 1.5 hours before sunset on the 13th Moon phase and occurs twice a month. During Pradosham, you can release harmful energy and negative karmic blocks to open the path for peace and prosperity.

There are junctures in the body, like the throat, that are specific to karma removal. Dr. Pillai recommends using Shreem Brzee while focusing on the throat or even touching the throat to remove karma and scarcity. Brzee, specifically, is the aspect of scarcity removal. During this time, the Earth plane receives concentrated energy for the dissolution of stubborn karmic thoughts and negative psychic impressions imprinted in one’s consciousness. 


What to do on Pradosham:

  • Utilize Surrogate Technology by using coconut breaking and lemon/lime rolling, and chanting “Brzee”
  • Chant “Brzee” or “Shreem Brzee” while focusing on the throat chakra, which is responsible for karma removal
  • Visualize or write down specific negative habits, traits, or persistent thoughts that you would like dissolved during this time

“Every Pradosham time is the powertime for you to wake up, even if you don’t meditate on a daily basis. If you are aware of the Pradosham time and observe it by meditating during the Pradosham time, you can be liberated from this unconscious life.” — Dr. Pillai


February 15 | Masi Magham & Full Moon (DOUBLE POWERTIME)

Masi Magham marks the day of receiving blessings of our ancestors, magnifying abundance, and experiencing transformational energy to remove painful karma and renew your life.

During Masi Magham, we have the ability to connect with up to six generations on each side of our family. Just as we are connected with our ancestors through physical DNA, we share spiritual DNA.

Magha in the Tamil month of Masi represents the day marked by the brightest star in the Leo constellation. During this time, special cosmic energy fills the Earth plane, enabling you to increase your abundance and help elevate the souls of your ancestors. This once-a-year event can help you magnify your prosperity and royalty consciousness, as the star energy of the day carries the qualities of a King. Masi Magham day also supports you in seeking the blessings of your ancestors, as the presiding deity of Magha star is Pitris (ancestors).

According to sacred texts, offering your sincere prayers with prescribed ceremonies on the day of Masi Magham can bestow ancestral blessings; implement good health, wealth, and knowledge; cleanse negative energy; fill your life with positivity; and grant happiness and peace of mind.

This Masi Magham day embodies another double powertime, as it falls on a Full Moon which is considered an auspicious time to bless you with good progeny, prosperity, happiness, and material comfort. 


What to do on Masi Magham:

  • Perform ancestral offerings (tarpanam
  • Visualize yourself embodying royalty consciousness and infuse this intention with the sound “Shreem Brzee”
  • Write Shreem Brzee 108 or 1,008 times 

“Magham is a great time to receive blessings from Enlightened Souls and also from your own Ancestors.” — Dr. Pillai


February 23 | Anuradha Star

Anuradha star, also known as the ‘star of success’, is the birth star of both Vishwamitra, which translates to Friend of the World, and Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. It carries Radhana Shakti (the power of worship), making this day ideal for honoring and propitiating the Brzee Goddess and the Father of Brzee to help you create abundance in your life.


What to do on Anuradha:

  • Pour water or milk over a Vishwamitra or Lakshmi statue or photo 
  • Light a candle and provide offerings such as flowers
  • Write and/or chant Shreem Brzee 108 or 1,008 times
  • Pray for the grace of the great Sage who gave the world the Brzee mantra


February 26 | 11th Moon

Just as the full moon on Feb 11th, you can manifest a life of material and spiritual abundance through the invocation of Vishnu during this time. Vishnu and Lakshmi make up a Divine couple that embodies an effervescent energy during the 11th moon. Their goal is to provide us with Earthly necessities, including wealth and prosperity. (See February 11th entry).

“The 11th Moon brings a lot of prosperity energy that you will be able to access, when you are alert on this day. There is a spiritual energy that comes directly from Vishnu, who is the ruler of the 11th Moon.” — Dr. Pillai


February 27-28 | 13th Moon

This powertime marks another 13th moon (Pradosham). 13th Moon phases (both waxing and waning) are special times when the Earth plane receives concentrated energy for the dissolution of stubborn karmic thoughts and negative psychic impressions imprinted in one’s consciousness from ancestors or past lives. (See February 13th entry).

“If you have good money karma, money will keep flowing to you. The same thing with health karma or relationship karma, all these things are karmic.” —Dr. Pillai


Shreem Brzee Integration

All of these powertimes involve specific rituals that can invoke great wealth and abundance. Incorporating Shreem Brzee through writing, chanting, listening, and/or practicing meditation (guided or silent) can help evoke synergistic power and potential to the wealth facet of your rituals. If you would like to become more involved with Shreem Brzee, learn more about its potent effects, and explore additional ways to encapsulate its power to receive unlimited inner and outer wealth, join our first program of the year, Shreem Brzee Manifestation Immersion.




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