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If you’ve felt caught in a long search for a job, improved working conditions and a higher salary, the cause is most likely one of your ancestors said Dr. Pillai about a major, yet little known, cause for humanity’s problems.

Your departed ancestors are far from obsolete—they live through you, help you when they’re at peace or cause you deep suffering if they’re confused and still attached to the earth plane.

Other Gods Can’t Help You If You Don’t Honor Your Ancestors

“Gods don’t accept your prayers if you don’t do Tarpanam rituals to your ancestors,” Dr. Pillai explained. This is due to a process of reciprocity through which our ancestors’ lives become our lives, regardless of more superficial differences such as facial features, education and living surroundings.

For instance if you’re struggling to find a cure for a long-standing ailment, the cause could be found in your family genetics. This reciprocity also applies to other areas of your life.

Your Ancestors Need Light

Despite running successful businesses, some people are heavily indebted and struggle with their finances. In such cases one or more ancestors are causing these conditions through confused thoughts and poor decision-making processes. After Tarpanam, the ancestors reach a higher realm of light and spiritual evolution. Only at this point they’ll be able to help you.

Tarpanam experts can give you insights into the root causes of these problems.

Invariably, the spirits of departed ancestors suffered from the same issues during their lives on earth and, in their current body-less state, cannot solve these problems and end their sorrow.

The unhealed state of the ancestors is a leading cause for poverty thinking and scarcity, because our thoughts originate in our family tree. You can heal your ancestors through Tarpanam rituals.

Current Astrological Conditions Strengthen Ancestor Rituals

The positions of Rahu and Ketu, the two lunar nodes, bring particularly conducive energies for healing both maternal and paternal ancestors. So this Mahalaya period is unique.

Insights into Root Causes of Sorrow

“Just as we can identify diseases in the souls of ancestors, we also identify poverty in the souls of ancestors,” explained Dr. Pillai.2

With these insights and after healing your ancestral genes with Tarpanam, you can find solutions to many problems in your life.

Moreover, the positive results of ancestral remedies are both observable and repeatable and so, according to our current scientific method, we could say that they are scientifically proven. Dr. Pillai calls Soul Genetics ‘the science of the Golden Age’.

Different Tarpanam Rituals Address All Problems

Dr. Pillai further revealed that, “there are sophistications that have been long ignored in performing ancestral rituals. For instance, you can perform Tarpanam for specific problems such as joblessness or business losses. Relationship problems can also be solved this way.”

“There is a vast list of Tarpanams for different issues. Specialists of these rituals can select one that is relevant for you and then perform a specific service for that. So it’s very important for all to do individual Tarpanams.”

Best Time of the Year for Tarpanam

The remaining days of Mahalaya, which ends on the New Moon day is the ideal time for pacifying and freeing your ancestors from their agony.

If you’ve never heard of Tarpanam before and you’re reading this, you are among the more fortunate ones, because in many modern cultures we have forgotten the existing link between descendants and their ancestors.

For this reason, many continue to experience suffering and disturbance in various endeavors. Needless to say, these conditions add to humanity’s collective suffering.

Dr. Pillai’s Message: Change Your Body-Mind and Soul

“So I strongly recommend performing the Maha Tarpanam, if you can afford it. The money invested in Tarpanam is worthwhile. If you cannot afford it, then do a group Tarpanam. And if you can’t even afford this, just do a home Tarpanam by yourself with dharba grass, tulsi leaves, black sesame seeds, and water. That will do. God bless.”

Enjoy the energies!

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by Lalitha Devi




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