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Ganesha: Lord of the Angels

Ganesha simply means “the one who is the Lord of Angels, Ganas.” Ganas are angels. The angels have superhuman powers, because they are not humans, and he is the Lord of the Angels.

Ganesha Has Siddhi Powers

Why he’s the Lord of all of the Angels is because he knows the secret of all Siddhi powers. Siddhi powers are supernormal, superhuman powers. It’s not just mythology when we talk about superhuman powers. It is literally within the context of the Indian Gods and Goddesses, I know personally, and is also supported by scriptures. They are so, but then one has to know the methodology of it.

What is a Superhuman Power?

A superhuman power is something you cannot do on your own because of human limitations, whereas if you use an angel, then the angel can do a better job. Even in Jesus Christ’s case when he was arrested, he mentioned to Peter: “Look, if my Father had really wanted to help me he would have sent an angel to fight the Romans, but he did not send it.”

Angels Have Superhuman Powers

So, angels can do things that we cannot do. But there is a science behind this, and the course that I will do, I think, by the end of the year, is going to be on supernormal powers, as discussed by Patanjali, the Father of Yoga.

Supernormal Power Of Precognition

To come back to Ganesha, what supernormal powers are associated with Ganesha? All kinds of powers, but primarily the power to know ahead of time the problems and then avoid that problem. So, avoid the danger that has not yet come.

Beyond Reason & Logic: InfraSound Intelligence

And how to know? You cannot know with human reasoning or logic, so you need to process what Ganesha processes like the infrasound intelligence. That’s why he has an elephant face.

Elephants Process InfraSound

Elephants have the ability to process infrasound; the humans can’t do that. They would go crazy. They cannot hear, first of all. The brain can process the infrasound, but then it will create problems.

Infrasound gives the elephant the ability to control its family miles away, and then they communicate at the infrasound level, which we cannot hear because it is 20 hertz below the human hearing range, and this is to just give you a simple science behind Ganesha’s elephant head.

Avoid the Danger That Has Not Yet Come:

I will focus on at least two superhuman powers. One is to avoid the danger that has not yet come. The other is the ability to do things faster and more efficiently, because that needs superhuman intelligence. These will be the two Siddhi powers that I’ll be discussing. God Bless.

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