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Dr. Pillai: Ganesha just told me that the series I will do will be called Ganesha Solutions. As I said, it will be done quite randomly and erratically, whenever he inspires me to do. He did immediately ask me to do this series; he gave the topic, and he gave the name too, which is “Ganesha Solutions.”

People are Frustrated with God

He says that God is not respected in our times. People are frustrated with God, and so is God frustrated with human beings. I asked him, “What’s going on?” He said that humans want to find their own egocentric, mind-based or intellect–based solutions, and then never ask for God.

God is Frustrated

God is un-utilized, and God is frustrated about that, all Gods. He doesn’t say that he’s frustrated, but he is indeed frustrated. But all of the Gods of all traditions are frustrated because they want to help, but then nobody will reach out to them, because everybody is so fully absorbed in their own egos.

Ego Won’t Accept God

And the ego says, “I’ll figure out through my own rationality. I won’t accept God, because he is a chance phenomenon. So, giving a problem to God to solve it is taking a great risk and taking a chance which we are not willing to do.” Which is true.

TD Jakes on God

The other day, I was watching TD Jakes. I liked his presentation. He said, “You never allow God to talk to you. You keep on talking over and over and over again, but have you ever allowed God to talk to you? Have you remained quiet, and listened to him?”

Ganesha: How to Get Close to God

So, Ganesha is expanding on that, and he is saying the only way that you can be close to God and listen to God is that you totally put God in your awareness, and he’s suggesting that you carry a small statue, like this crystal statue. Crystal is better, because it can amplify your thought energy.

Ganesha Images

And ever since he came into my life about a couple of months ago, or 3 months ago, images of him keep coming to me in abundance. This is an image of him in gold plate. It’s very small, and you can hold it in your hand. And there’s a pouch; you can put Ganesha in your pouch.

Carry a Small Ganesha Statue

You can buy it anywhere and then hold it safely. I’m trying to put it into the pouch, and then carry it like this. You may think that carrying a statue is superstitious. It is not. It is a technology. When you have a 3-dimensional object of God, then he will come alive. And I will talk about it again in a special webcast that Ganesha is telling me he wants to do, or a Google Hangout. Look for it. And I will talk about how to talk to Ganesha and other Gods, as well. Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha.

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